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    • A few additions and changes

      To better differentiate between "I'm offering myself" and "I'm offering a particular plot (and myself)" I've added two new databases. Offering: A Writing Partner! and Offering: Plots. These are filterable by genre and have the added bonus of automatically displaying your limits, average word count and average response time. Offering Plots has an additional clarification: wanted ads for worlds are more than welcome to be posted there. I took the liberty of posting a couple of @Sionyx wanteds for their world:
      There's plenty more where they came from...
      In addition, these entries are now visible on the index with the contents on display. This will hopefully increase the visibility of what plots and partners are out there for guests and users. All old requests can be found here. People are more than welcome to post them again in the appropriate database.
      Another small addition: you can now tell everyone what pronouns to use when referring to you in your profile. Just edit your profile and the field will pop up.
      Well, it's a removal, but change is more positive than removal. I've gotten rid of the point system!
      Why? Because it wasn't benefiting anyone and I only added it to prevent people from creating worlds willy nilly and thus clogging up the world index. But now that they're visible from the front page (and automatically disappear from the front page after three months) there's no need to try and restrict people. After all, my aim is to make this place the most chill and non-stress environment that ever did exist. Points went against that ethos.
      On the topic of going against ethos, I've also opened up the number of areas that members can post without being considered a Builder. Not only do I want this place to be chill, I also want to specifically target mates who just want to chill out with each other without being judged for enjoying roleplaying with each other. As such, doing away with the necessity of introducing yourself to the community helps to further that goal.
      Now, show me your cute pets by replying to this blog. I demand cuteness!

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    RP-A is a relaxed and friendly community that is devoted to making a no pressure environment for you to write in any world you want, with any character that you want. You can read more about us here and you can familiarise yourself with our rules here.

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  1. Roleplays


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    Roleplays here generally take place over one thread, though that thread can be hundreds of pages long. You can think of there being two types of roleplay:

    • 1:1 roleplays are for two people and the plot is typically contained to one thread. 1:1 RPs are a great way to make new RP friends or to just casually play with an idea!
    • Group roleplays are for more than two people! Found a group who wants to see the same plot unfold? Do a group thread!

    A thread that starts out with the idea of a 1:1 does not have to stay as a 1:1. you are welcome to invite more people to join.

    Persistent worlds are for role plays that have the potential to take place over several threads and can involve a number of different characters. They typically have the kind of breadth you might find in a forum that focuses exclusively on one 'world.'

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      Like a Bullet Train

      Like a Bullet Train

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      At the end of the Daeva Wars, the Daeva of Death was thrown from Maharaja, and the Hamadaeva overthrown. While the former survived, his dominion over the flow of life and death had ended, for whatever reason. A new daeva arose as the Hamadaeva, but he was not chosen to lead, spinning beautiful lies, sowing the seeds of discord, and splitting the daeva race down the middle, trapping them between their duties as a daeva, and their duty to their leader. The Light has appointed a new Daeva of Death. But he is not ready to ascend as a daeva, and the Light grows steadily weaker keeping the life-death cycle moving, a burden he was never meant to bear, until the next cycle overseer can ascend.

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    Want someone to make you some graphics? Want to provide them? Looking for resources on a particular topic? Canvas and provide here.


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    About Our Members

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    When you join RP Architects, you should make a topic here that introduces yourself! Here, other members are encouraged to engage with you and ask fun questions for you to answer.

    The Break Room

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    A place to chill out and discuss apolitical topics.

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