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    • Rules Change - Animated Gifs

      In a nutshell, you can animate your avatars now!
      Previously I've had the rule against animated avatars in place because many people (myself included) find them incredibly distracting when they're next to text that we're supposed to be reading. There are also accessibility concerns. However, as an admin, I prefer to empower rather than put restrictions on members. Therefore, I've found some scripts and written a couple of arguments to (hopefully) satisfy those who like animated avatars and those who don't.
      Essentially, if you do not like animated avatars, you do not need to do anything. All animated avatars for characters are frozen for you. You can play them by clicking on the avatar, click again to stop them. Mobile users will not see gif avatars.
      If you do like animated avatars, you need to go to your profile and click on edit profile. Click on the button that is next to Enable Gif Avatars to turn it green. Click save.
      If you want to use an animated avatar, you can add one in the regular avatar field as well as your rotator images. Just upload a static image in the static image field as that is what appears for mobiles. If you do not provide a static avatar your character's avatar will be the default image on mobiles. This is covered in the Upload and Add Avatar guide.
      Initially, I was hoping to find a reliable solution for anyone who struggles with a lot of animated images due to epilepsy or other conditions. The solution I have is a javascript and so you may see some animation before it loads. Due to this, I thought that it was better to recommend browser extensions for anyone who is motion sensitive.
      Without any experience with them, here are some options to try:
      Firefox - Superstop Firefox - change your settings  
      Chrome - Gif Jam Chrome - Animation Policy Opera - Chrome Extensions (add this extension to add the above solutions) Internet Explorer - change your settings Safari - none currently. Deanimator is an old extension that is still recommended.
      If you have any recommendations for gif blockers, please comment here and I will add them to the list!
      Read more
  1. Roleplays


    106 posts

    Roleplays here generally take place over one thread, though that thread can be hundreds of pages long. You can think of there being two types of roleplay:

    • 1:1 roleplays are for two people and the plot is typically contained to one thread. 1:1 RPs are a great way to make new RP friends or to just casually play with an idea!
    • Group roleplays are for more than two people! Found a group who wants to see the same plot unfold? Do a group thread!

    A thread that starts out with the idea of a 1:1 does not have to stay as a 1:1. you are welcome to invite more people to join.

    Persistent worlds are for role plays that have the potential to take place over several threads and can involve a number of different characters. They typically have the kind of breadth you might find in a forum that focuses exclusively on one 'world.'

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  2. Roleplay Bizness

    Looking For

    71 posts

    Looking for an RP in particular? Check and see if anyone is looking for something similar here! Nothing catches your fancy? Create a new topic! Ideas might include:

    • A canon character from any fandom
    • A particular fandom RP for original characters
    • An original idea like: steampunk cowboys

    Please note: this forum is for members of RPA to connect to write here! This is not a venue for you to advertise your own forum. We're a multigenre site, not an advertising site!

    Want someone to make you some graphics? Want to provide them? Looking for resources on a particular topic? Canvas and provide here.


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    No posts here yet

  3. Coffee Lounge

    When you join RP Architects, you should make a topic here that introduces yourself! Here, other members are encouraged to engage with you and ask fun questions for you to answer.

    The Break Room

    60 posts

    A place to chill out and discuss apolitical topics.

    1. Active Worlds

      An active world has had a post in the last 3 months.

      Fallout UK

      Fallout UK

      Open World  ·  1 member

      War, War Never Changes. In the year 2077 the world is ravaged by fire. In London, England, people were able to seek shelter in the vast underground networks beneath the city. Two hundred years later, civilization has emerged from the underground and slowly rebuilds in the ash and rubble. Factions have risen, each hoping to rebuild a world they've never truly known. Yet the emergence of the mysterious Super Mutants has become a threat to all progress and risks ending all life that remains in London.

      Like a Bullet Train

      Like a Bullet Train

      Open World  ·  2 members

      At the end of the Daeva Wars, the Daeva of Death was thrown from Maharaja, and the Hamadaeva overthrown. While the former survived, his dominion over the flow of life and death had ended, for whatever reason. A new daeva arose as the Hamadaeva, but he was not chosen to lead, spinning beautiful lies, sowing the seeds of discord, and splitting the daeva race down the middle, trapping them between their duties as a daeva, and their duty to their leader. The Light has appointed a new Daeva of Death. But he is not ready to ascend as a daeva, and the Light grows steadily weaker keeping the life-death cycle moving, a burden he was never meant to bear, until the next cycle overseer can ascend.



      Open World  ·  4 members

      The quiet Irish village of Phelan Derry is home to a number of secrets, stalking her streets under the sleepy glow of moonlight. Some secrets are better kept than others. Some are harmless. Some have teeth.

      Death Reaps at Dusk

      Death Reaps at Dusk

      Open World  ·  3 members

      The Great Collision left your world disfigured and violated. You are a survivor in the new world that is left, a world unfamiliar, unforgiving and where Death is a dear friend. This is a highly member driven world. You actions will shape this world, making it a better place, or a worse one with the consequences of your choices.

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