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    RP-A is a relaxed and friendly community that is devoted to making a no pressure environment for you to write in any world you want, with any character that you want.


  1. Roleplays


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    Roleplays here generally take place over one thread, though that thread can be hundreds of pages long. You can think of there being two types of roleplay:

    • 1:1 roleplays are for two people and the plot is typically contained to one thread. 1:1 RPs are a great way to make new RP friends or to just casually play with an idea!
    • Group roleplays are for more than two people! Found a group who wants to see the same plot unfold? Do a group thread!

    A thread that starts out with the idea of a 1:1 does not have to stay as a 1:1. you are welcome to invite more people to join.

    Persistent worlds are for role plays that have the potential to take place over several threads and can involve a number of different characters. They typically have the kind of breadth you might find in a forum that focuses exclusively on one 'world.'

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  2. Roleplay Bizness

    Looking For

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    Looking for an RP in particular? Check and see if anyone is looking for something similar here! Nothing catches your fancy? Create a new topic! Ideas might include:

    • A canon character from any fandom
    • A particular fandom RP for original characters
    • An original idea like: steampunk cowboys

    Want someone to make you some graphics? Want to provide them? Looking for resources on a particular topic? Canvas and provide here.


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  3. Coffee Lounge

    When you join RP Architects, you should make a topic here that introduces yourself! Here, other members are encouraged to engage with you and ask fun questions for you to answer.

    The Break Room

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    A place to chill out and discuss apolitical topics.

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    • Kit  »  Gothic

      The cafe in Creep City is properly posh! I now want to experience it.
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      SO MANY CATS (in your profile pic)
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      Building a Medieval Fantasy world!
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    • Kit

      "Where lies the strangling fruit that came from the hand of the sinner I shall bring forth the seeds of the dead to share with the worms that gather in the darkness and surround the world with the power of their lives while from the dimlit halls of other places forms that never were and never could be writhe for the impatience of the few who never saw what could have been."
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    • Kit

      I want Mass Effect and zombies. But I like many other fandoms too. (Check out the Looking for forum!)
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