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Welcome to the Staff Blog



Welcome to my new staff blog!

This blog is intended to let you know about any changes that has been made to the site, as well as serve to let you know what I have planned for the future. With that in mind, the #stuff-I-did discord channel will only have blog links auto posted to it.

Here's a recap of what has happened recently:giphy.gif

     I hope it was a fabulous Christmas for y'all! If you celebrate it. If you're a heathen like me, I hope you had a lovely day.
  • How Do?!
    I looked at the How Do?! page and thought, this looks terrible and is very hard to read. So I changed it. I hope it's easier to read and easier to find the information you need. Are you an IPS admin and want to know how I did this thing? Bam! Enjoy it, I love it.
  • New theme(s)!
    The default theme is pleasingly neutral. For a visual thinker, it's completely uninspiring. To address this, I'm going to slowly chip away at new themes based on different genres, hopefully they will help you set the right tone for your writing. So far, I've completed a cyberpunk theme. It's dark with pink/blue/purple highlights. I'm now chipping away at a "fantasy" theme, it's dark, it's green, and it's got trees.

But what about the future? That thing rushing towards us under the name, 2019. That thing with which we view with the frailest of hopes.

  • Animated Gifs
    Ok, this isn't me, this is the work of my forum software. But I'll enable this option to assist you in your gif reaction needs.
  • Roleplay Prompts
    Once upon a time, on the RPG Initiative, I noted to another admin that when given the world of choice, one freezes and doesn't know what to choose. It's like being a child faced with SO MUCH CANDY!! It's a problem I am cognizant of here too. So I thought: roleplay prompts. Little one off's that people can use to jump start their imagination and make connections. Maybe that'll help? I certainly hope so.

    So, look forward to a roleplay prompt directory.
  • I'm a Capricorn, looking for X....
    Related to the above is the fact that when you join this forum, you may not have an idea in mind, you may not have a friend who wants to join, and there may not be a looking for ad that you're interested in. But by golly, you like the premise. Presumably.

    So I thought, advertising yourself. Advertising yourself will be a bit more structured than a blank new topic. It will also draw on the information you submit in your profile, saves you from having to repeat yourself. I can also do nifty things if I set it up a certain way, all with the intent of improving your exposure on RPA.

The two aforementioned directories are the biggest things I'm looking forward to building for this site.

2812144885035685763.pngMost importantly, to those who have been writing without me....thank you for giving me something to read. I've been thoroughly enjoying it.

For those who have been writing with me, thank you! I love every post I get.

I hope y'all have a happy new year and that 2019 is in fact, fabulous.

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