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    Paige was born on the 10th July 2001 and was born (and raised) in western Sydney. Closer to the lower income and works at Coles. Paige is mostly insecure about where she is from, her appearance, and portrayed herself being more educated, from a better part of the western suburbs, and having a better job. Most of her life was fairly unproductive. Always feeling that she blended in with the crowd rather than standing out. One place she found her strength was in gaming. No longer was she quiet, mousy and unwilling to rock the boat. She was assertive, vibrant and did not back down.

    Her parents did not approve of this love of gaming nor a lot of the friends she had made. She applied at TAFE to be trained in graphic design and for the most part her parents left her alone during this time. Otherwise, a lot of her life had been largely uneventful. She had both her parents, a sister, a cat and a pet rabbit. Her friends had begun to drift away with changing interests and Paige's self-isolation began to mean her time was more focused online than in the real world.

    She played a variety of games, even more casual ones like Pokemon Go and CoD. One night she met someone on there, soon a friendship was formed and she enjoyed talking to them. Of course, she exaggerated things a lot. Sometimes when her parents wanted her to do something she would say that her "friends" were over and she had to go or light heartedly brag about her achievements or compliments she had received. She dressed up more than usual when she agreed to meet up with her friend. Ignoring reports of idiots causing problems.

    Today she decided to finally meet up with the person she spent most of her time -- and desperately hoped that she would like her.

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  1. Paige Belford
    Paige shrugged. She couldn't remember which one it was and wondered whether someone would end up making robots who would be able to do the work that nobody wanted to do. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea," She murmured, patted the puppies and watched as it was placed on the ground. Hopefully no-one would buy it while they walked off to purchase the necessary items. They had talked a little about their respective pasts. Paige missed her family. She heard early on that they had died. Having relied on memory for their face she could barely make them out now. 
    Would she even recognise them? Would they recognise her? The chaos of the new world had brought out a resilience in her. Would they miss her? Were they even still alive? 
    She giggled and playfully nudged Jo in return. "Well, we are pretty damn cute," Paige answered with a dramatic sigh and pretended to fan herself with her hand. "You and your jerky need to get a room!" Paige stuck her tongue out, she peeked through the laneways of the mini shops of people selling stuff and could not find anything. Food, water, ammo, maybe some bandages. "Alrighties, let's go, I would love to have some coffee.... oooo and chocolate," She moaned at the thought of eating chocolate. Little treats were now like mana from heaven. 
    The pair of them walked towards the nearest shop keep and looked at the items. Couple of old books, some ornaments, blankets, and otherwise nothing in particular. In the distance they could hear people yelling and a fight beginning to break out. 
  2. Paige Belford
    "Aww look how little it is!" She cooed, patted the puppy in Jo's hands and thought more about the question.
    Their reality was closer to Fallout now except without nuclear radiation (although there was always the chance a mad bastard would try to further destroy the world). Paige wrinkled her lip, tried to think of all their names and said. "I liked how Dogmeat didn't bitch when you picked things up," She laughed, grinned and shrugged. "I guess Hancock. He wasn't an evil bastard but did what he needed to get done. What about you?" 
    Paige cringed at the sight of the puppy licking Jo's neck. Disease was a constant threat in the new world. 
    "I wonder if he would be cheaper because he is so little," Paige leaned in and whispered. Not wanting to let the vendor hear her not so cunning plan. 
  3. Paige Belford
    "Hey, I'm bringing it back." She teased back. She was not sure who exactly would take it back up. 
    "Aww, look at them," She cooed, trying to pat as many as possible and grinned wide. "Awww, I wish we could take them all.... which one do you like?" Paige grinned cheekily. She was determined to get a puppy for them to take care of. There were two of them in particular that caught her eye. 
    "Hey! Doesn't that puppy look like Dogmeat from Fallout 3 and that one from Dogmeat in Fallout 4?" She asked. 
  4. Paige Belford
    She took it. Put the strap over her shoulder and patted it. It felt natural, normal, and daresay, almost as though she was made to carry a weapon of some kind. 
    As they walked she cringed every so often as she thought about that damned disgusting toilet. There were people around and signs that this was an aged care facility yet there were absolutely none of the elderly people still around. She ignored it. Paige had to push a lot of the worries and changes to the back of her mind. She had to survive.... they had to survive. Her feelings towards Jo were complicated. They had become partners on the road. A team. Kind of like siblings but at the same time she felt something more. It was complicated and awkward. 
    When Jo wrapped her arm around Paige's shoulders, she leaned in and grinned up at her. "LOOK AT THEM!" She squeed with glee and wrapped her own arm halfway around Jo's back. 
    "Awww look! omg... " She instantly went down onto her knees to get close as the puppies began to lick her fingers. "Aww look at their little faces!"
  5. Paige Belford
    "Over here, don't go wild with the toilet paper." He grunted and shrugged. Over time, he had gotten used to the rationing of toilet paper. 
    Paige let out a whinge and wrinkled her nose at the sight of the portaloos. Admittedly, she dragged her feet as she walked towards them and could smell them long before she saw them. She handed the rifle over to Jo. She nodded hastily. Think of the puppies.... think of the puppies. Scared to touch the door in case she would be infected with some disease and the smell hit her in the face, like a brick. A thick and heavy brick. She winced and made a, "neeeeugh!!!" sound. But when you had to pee, you had to pee, and it was time to get to business. She stepped in and brought her pants and underwear to her knees, squatting over the toilet. Terrified to look down. She murmured a prayer to every deity known to man as she did her business, wriggled and used a tissue rather than the questionable toilet paper/newspaper. She fixed herself, kicked the door and walked out. 
    "Jo, it is Satan's asshole in there." She said, pointed back with her thumb and cleaned her hands with some water. She shuddered. 
    "Now, PUPPIES!" She grinned and bounced on the spot. "Oh, do you need to go too?"
  6. Paige Belford
    Paige didn't answer. She was too busy on the lookout for puppies and hearing any barking. It sounded like they had dogs there already. Big, guard dogs that were trained to bark at anyone who was infected and would be dangerous if cornered. Paige didn't want a dog like that, and besides, those dogs would happily rip her face off. She opened the door, hung the strap over her shoulder and secured her hunting rifle. It was too valuable to leave in the car. 
    "Hell yeah, my legs are stiff and I need to piss." She whinged. Over time, her Paige's fake snobbery had eased and she had become more of a version closer to herself. She looked around and wondered where the gross as all hell toilets were.  Soon after the fall of humanity, the last time she had to pee in a bottle and combined with a speed bump? That had not gone well. 
    "Yes!" She beamed happily. "Do you have any puppies for sale?" 
    The Guard, a younger looking man smiled and nodded. "Yep, got a bunch of them. The dad was a police dog and the mum was a roo huntin' dog..... it will probably grow to be pretty big." 
    Paige's eyes lit up and clapped her hands, doing a little bounce on the spot at the prospect of having a puppy. 
    "We'll take one!" She agreed. "Maybe two?" Paige teased and wondered if now she was pushing her luck. 
    It couldn't hurt to ask, right?
  7. Paige Belford
    Paige took her hands off the rifle, put the safety on, and rested it between her legs and lifted her arms as they approached. She had no desire to get a bullet in the neck for being armed. She looked up at the guards silently. She counted... One.... two.... three..... four..... and there were likely others she could not see. At close range, her gun would not be as effective and she did not want to give it up. She was focused, mentally planned what way they could attack if things went wrong or they tried to attack them. Her eyes were focused, near scowling, and then she heard Jo's comment. The mode was broken. 
    She smiled.
    "Maybe, you never know," She answered happily. 
    Outside an armed guard approached them. Looked in at the pair. He was older, with a blind eye with a gruesome scar down it and weathered skin. It was likely he had a rough life, long before the world turned to death and the dead walked. He smiled, he had a few missing teeth and looked like a fatherly figure. "Allo loves," He said, checked them out again. "Now... this is a peaceful settlement. Fists and guns to yourselves. No thievery or you lose a hand. Pay your dues." He recited. Maybe he was an army Sargent? He leaned in close again, his hand rested on the door of the car. "And stay away from the whore mongers. Don't accept money or promises from anymore." He murmured under his breath. The flat of his hand tapped the car as the rumbling gate opened to let them in. 
    Paige had watched and knew he said something to Jo.
    "What did he say? Is anything wrong?" 
  8. Paige Belford
    Paige didn't even jump.
    This time she was so used to gunfire that things seemed strange without it. Paige remembered the first time she heard the sound when they had both come under fire. She wailed, covered her ears and felt her head shake as the sound filled her ears. It was the first time she had ever heard someone fire a gun. This wasn't the US. This was Australia. Her ears rang.... and soon the memory was swept under the rug, forgotten for now. Survival came first. 
    She quickly wound the window down. The bullets loaded and half leaned out the window. She glared down the sight and while she would have loved to do a headshot. They were risky, and she was not that good a shot... not yet, and not while sitting in truck in motion. She aimed for his stomach. Quickly fired and forced herself to forget that was a person. He was a bandit. A baddie. 
    A threat. 
    She couldn't kill a person so had to take away everything he was in the past in order to do it. Had he been kind? Had be lost everyone he loved? It didn't matter. Slowly she brought herself back in and now saw the window. It was a young woman. Likely between Jo's and her age. The woman's eyes were filled with the same fear, determination and while she was reloading. Paige took aim once more and shot her in the chest. Paige watched her stagger backwards and quickly went back into the perceived safety of the truck. 
  9. Paige Belford
    Paige braced herself in her seat for the impact. Her hand squeezed the rifle and knew it wasn't as effective at close range. Her hand took out a sharp knife out of her boot and held it. The horn was loud. Louder than it would have been otherwise, everything was so -- quiet except for that sound. Her eyes locked on them as one of them leapt out of the way to avoid being hit. While the more daring of the trio leapt up on the bonnet of the car, clinging on the armour they had placed on it earlier. Unfortunately, the last one made a rather lovely and cracking speedbump that their car went over. Nor did they stop to check to see if he was alright. In the background, there were zombies hurried towards the dying man with their hands outstretched and hungry mouths wide open.
    "GET THE FUCK OUT!!" He roared, at them and tried to hit through the windscreen. 
    The sounds had alerted a horde of zombies but that wasn't the main cause for concern right now. "Jo! Break! He will slip off!" 
  10. Paige Belford
    Paige slowly stroked her chin. If a puppy happened to find them? She could work with that and would then have to seek out puppies. She grinned, her dimples showed and she had a feeling they would be getting a puppy sooner than they thought. It was basically a challenge. So, if they went into a raider's encampment and happened to find a dog it was absolutely not her fault. And if she happened to bring the dog with them. That was not her fault either. Nope. Nada. Not her fault. 
    She tapped her fingertips along the barrel of the rifle and laughed. "Oh yeah! We need bad ass nicknames and impractical spikey armour," She said, with a swooning sigh. "I would love to have spikey shoulder pads made out of leather," She said, something from the old world she never would have had the confidence to wear. She looked at Jo, a gentle look in her eyes and then scanned the road again. In the middle of road stood three raiders with their machetes and other weapons ready. 
    "Raiders," She growled, took the safety off her rifle. She had killed before and would do it again. 

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