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    At the end of the Daeva Wars, the Daeva of Death was thrown from Maharaja, and the Hamadaeva overthrown. While the former survived, his dominion over the flow of life and death had ended, for whatever reason. A new daeva arose as the Hamadaeva, but he was not chosen to lead, spinning beautiful lies, sowing the seeds of discord, and splitting the daeva race down the middle, trapping them between their duties as a daeva, and their duty to their leader. The Light has appointed a new Daeva of Death. But he is not ready to ascend as a daeva, and the Light grows steadily weaker keeping the life-death cycle moving, a burden he was never meant to bear, until the next cycle overseer can ascend.

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    War, War Never Changes. In the year 2077 the world is ravaged by fire. In London, England, people were able to seek shelter in the vast underground networks beneath the city. Two hundred years later, civilization has emerged from the underground and slowly rebuilds in the ash and rubble. Factions have risen, each hoping to rebuild a world they've never truly known. Yet the emergence of the mysterious Super Mutants has become a threat to all progress and risks ending all life that remains in London.

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    The quiet Irish village of Phelan Derry is home to a number of secrets, stalking her streets under the sleepy glow of moonlight. Some secrets are better kept than others. Some are harmless. Some have teeth.

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    The Great Collision left your world disfigured and violated. You are a survivor in the new world that is left, a world unfamiliar, unforgiving and where Death is a dear friend. This is a highly member driven world. You actions will shape this world, making it a better place, or a worse one with the consequences of your choices.

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