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Community Standards

  • RP Architects welcomes people of all sexualities, race, beliefs and gender. Discrimination and harassment will not be tolerated.
  • RP Architects is a place to write! Leave the politics at the door.
  • Whilst erotic and violent content is allowed on RP Architects, we do not cater to writers who wish to exclusively write erotic or gory threads. It is perfectly ok to write true to your plot and characters, but we expect that writers will strike a balance. This means that, for the most part, you will not be writing gory or sexual content. If your threads are typically sexual or gory, you will receive a PM from a staff member. If you repeatedly deviate from this guideline, you will be asked to leave.
  • RP Architects caters for people 18 years and older. Anyone less than 18 years old may not join RP-A.
  • Found yourself in some weird RP drama? If you don't feel comfortable talking about it with your RP partner, please PM @Kit with details of what is occurring and what you would like to achieve.

Contacting the Staff

If you have any questions about the site, please reach out using the Staff Help forum.


We have a site discord for RP-A, you can read about how to join it and some of the features here. We do have some rules however:

  • When people want to chat, they will pop in and say hi. Do not attempt to initiate conversation simply because they're online. They might not want to talk right at that moment!
  • Do not use the discord to reach out to the staff for staff related matters. Use the Staff Help forum instead!
  • Ask before sending someone a direct message!
  • Keep conversation in the discord light and bright. It's ok to vent about something, but once it's off your chest, move onto something lighter.

Activity - Members (inactive after 8 weeks)

Users will be marked as inactive after 8 weeks of no posting. Being marked as inactive will not restrict your posting ability. Being marked as inactive simply indicates to prospective members that they should not contact you for RP.

To be marked as active again, simply make a post. Your group will automatically change.

Activity - Worlds (inactive after 12 weeks)

Worlds will be marked as inactive after 12 weeks of no posting. This will result in the following:

  • If it has an application, the application will be locked.
  • The world will be marked as private and inactive. This means that only people who are a part of the world can see it.

Simply make an in character post and PM @Kit for the world to be considered active again.


  • RP Architects has supplied a space in your profile to advertise your forum. Put the URL of your forum into the My Forum field. This is the only place where advertising is allowed.
  • You may not use this forum and it's community as an advertising opportunity. RP Architects is for writing, not soliciting.

Image Use

  • You may use any kind of image for your characters. You are encouraged to contact artists for permission to use, if it is not already made explicit.
  • See this guide for more information on image use at RP-A.

Roleplaying Standards

Roleplay etiquette varies from person to person and from community to community. As such, I will establish some key things to keep in mind.

  • Roleplay is a hobby and as such, you are not obligated to complete every thread you have started if for whatever reason, you're not enjoying it.
    • But you should communicate this with your partner.
    • Don't take it personally if you do a receive a message from a partner stating that they wish to wrap up your thread! I know that it is hard not to! But consider this: we all get different things from roleplay, we all enjoy different writing styles and we all enjoy different plots. It doesn't matter how good your writing is or how compelling your characters and plots are, they wont be everyone's cup of tea.
    • If you notice someone posting more rapidly to someone else compared to you, give them some time before asking them what gives. Sometimes people get excited about certain plots or characters and wants to focus on that plot or character. Also:
      • your partner might be stuck and need some guidance
      • they're too worried about hurting your feelings to communicate that they're not interested
      • their creativity is depleted and they only have the mental space for characters and situations that are easy for them to write
      • or sometimes they really want to give you an amazing post and that might be taking them some time!
    • If you are struggling with a post, communicate!
  • You may wish to port across a character from a forum you have left or that might have died. This is more than fine! Be wary however, of porting across other people's creations/lore. Some roleplayers do not mind if you do, others very much do. If you're not in a position to ask for permission from the creator, consider covering your tracks and putting your own unique twist on old ideas.
  • We all have things we may or may not be able to roleplay, for whatever reason. Be sure to communicate with your partner if you're aiming to roleplay events that are confronting or controversial, to make sure that your partner is ok with them. If they aren't, don't pressure them.
    • Remember, pressuring someone to roleplay what they don't want to roleplay is a dick move. Don't be a dick.

Standard of Behaviour for Architects

  • An Architect is the name of the member group containing people who had created a world.
  • Architects have all the standard moderation abilities in the world that they have created, this does not mean that they can run a cruel dictatorship however!
  • Architects are expected to treat people who join their world with fairness and kindness.
  • Architects are permitted to 'gate' their community. This means they're allowed to set minimum standards and enforce them. They are expected to make these standards clear from the outset.

Failure to adhere to the above guidelines will result in a warning PM from staff. Repeated offenses will result in the Architect losing all worlds and being barred from creating any new worlds.