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    How to Create an Application for your World

    • When you create a world, make sure you post in the I made a world! forum to ensure that you have the correct user group.
    • Now navigate to the World Applications forum.
    • Create a new topic with:
      • The questions you want applicants to answer. Do not use html or "dohtml" templates. They won't work.
      • A link to the world they're applying for.
      • A description of what you're looking for from applicants.
    • Submit the new topic and follow it! This will ensure that you are notified of new replies.
    • If you approve the application, be sure to approve the post and invite the member to join your world.
    • If you do not approve the application, be sure to send them a friendly PM describing why their application is being denied.
    • If you are no longer accepting applications, be sure to lock the topic.

    Note: abuse of your moderation abilities in this forum will ensure that you lose your moderation abilities and world.

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