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  • How do I Create a Character?

    RP-A uses the Character Account Mod, an IPS application that is exclusive to users of the RPG-Initiative (they're also our host!). The character mod is pretty damn excellent. Essentially, you only need to register one account, and then you can make a heap of character accounts. For all intents and purposes, they look like normal accounts, except that they're not a stand alone account. I think of them as masks for your account to wear.

    This account for example, is a character account. I did not register it.

    So! How do you make one?

    • Click on Create
    • Click on Character
    • Type in the character's name and any other details you want to include. You can also upload an avatar here.
    • Once you're done, click save!

    Now when you go back to the Characters page, you will see your character in the list! You are able to edit them from here by clicking on manage character.

    When it comes to writing your post, you will see a dropdown menu with the words Out of Character in it. Click on the dropdown menu to select the character you want to post as.

    Some additional notes:

    • There is no limit on how many characters you make
    • You can create characters with the same name. I do encourage you to find some way to personalise the character name and image however, just to make it easier to differentiate between different writers!
    • If you like to write about the same character in a variety of situations, you can recreate that character account for every setting you write them in.

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