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  • How to Find an RP Partner

    The most direct way to find an RP partner is to 

    The trick however, is not in finding where to find people, but how to find them!

    Know what you want

    If you do not know what you want and are not able to effectively communicate what you want, you will struggle to find RP that you find satisfying.

    Things to think about when writing your Looking For thread (and filling them!)

    Do you expect your post length to be matched? Do you dislike one liners?

    What are you looking for in tone? Cheese? Grim? Dark or weird humor? Surreal? Realistic? You might refer to popular media to help explain the tone you're looking for.

    Are there any relationship types that you enjoy writing or want to avoid? Friendship, romance, family, strangers to whatever?

    Is there any content you want to avoid? Cannibalism? Rape? Torture? Incest?

    Write down what's important to you! You don't need to hit every point raised here if it doesn't apply to you or your request.

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