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  • Join Discord and Change My Colour?

    There are two ways to join Discord. The first way is the most expedient for you because it does not involve administrator intervention:

    • Click on Account Settings and go to the discord tab.
    • Link your discord account to your forum account, and then click on join server.
    • You've joined the server!
    • Any changes to your usergroup will be automatically reflected on discord. This is advantageous for you because it means that you do not need to wait for staff to do that for you. Remember, the promotion from member (a member who can only post in one forum) to builder (a member who can post in most areas), is automatic.

    But if you're not comfortable linking your discord and forum account, you can join discord here.

    There are also some commands for discord!


    • !blue - Makes you blue
    • !green - Makes you green
    • !pink - Makes you pink
    • !purple - Makes you purple
    • !yellow - Makes you yellow

    You might also notice that you gain ranks by participating in the chat. These don't mean anything, they're a bit of silliness. Want to see your rank? Type !rank into the #botstuff channel.

    Other commands include:

    • !imgur <keyword here>
    • !youtube <keyword here>

    We also have a couple of extra silly things installed!

    • Pokecord: A pokemon bot that allows you to catch pokemon and battle. Learn more about pokecord here
    • Stickers: Like emotes. But big. See what stickers we have installed here.

    In order to reduce spam, I encourage everyone to use the #botstuff channel for any bot commands.

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