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  1. Kit


    and things and things and things
  2. Kit

    A Druid and an Orc

    "What was the dream?" Maddox had listened to the tale with his head tilted. He navigated the uneven ground with ease, the littered earth being floors far more familiar to him than the civilised grounds of paved roads and packed earth. Above them against the sombre sky were birds. They cried and wheeled, conducting their own business of food and territory. "That it would change you from something typical to something atypical?"
  3. Kit

    A Druid and an Orc

    Maddox chuckled after the farmer's remark and glanced up at his new friend. The aberration to the natural order. The anomaly that aroused his curiosity. The chaotic element that now stood with his hand bashfully over his mouth and made pleasant small talk in a field owned by farmers that wanted to kill him. Maddox reached up and curled his hand around Ghâsh-ash's hand, dragging it down and manipulating it so that they shook hands. Once and then twice. Maddox released Ghâsh-ash's hand. It felt thick and calloused, unfamiliar. It occurred to him that he had never touched an orc before, except in violence. "I am Maddox of the Circle of Spores. Come we should leave before they force us to be violent." Maddox stepped away and started walking towards the woods. A place of darkness, rebirth and secrets. "Tell me your story."
  4. Kit

    A Druid and an Orc

    A green potato flung itself through the air, trailing clods of wet earth behind it like a rapidly unraveling banner. It hit the farmer who had pushed the orc on the chest. Maddox peered around the orc, his hands had automatically snapped out to catch the orc. He had one brow raised, expression ripe with one question for the farmer. Was that really necessary? With a bit of effort, Maddox invited the other vegetables back into the earth to slumber, grow and fatten with the earth's goodness. They slunk back into the earth to do what they were told, returning to their natural state. Now he had this aberration literally in his hands. Maddox looked up at the orc, and recognised a softer emotion in the orc's mauled features. The eyes that did not look back at him with pride won by so many battles and death wrought upon the living. He wondered if the averted gaze hid conflict between nature and whatever it was that had altered the orc in this way. Making him into something so wildly unfamiliar to Maddox. "Come now friend. You are foolish to approach these farmers and expect peace." The corners of Maddox's mouth tightened in the suggestion of humour. He pointed at the orc's cut lip. "Dab that. You lot," Maddox lowered his hands and dodged around the orc so that he now faced the farmers. "Go back to your farms. Your potatoes will grow still."
  5. Kit

    What's Your Star Sign?

    I'm a Scorpio ascendant as well!
  6. Kit

    What's Your MBTI?

    Is it accurate?
  7. Kit

    What's Your Star Sign?

    Capricorn sun, Aries moon. You can tell it used to be important to me
  8. Sites set in the 90s call themselves historical Not a problem at all! I hope life is treating you alright.
  9. Silly topic! What's your star sign? (do supply more details if you know them and want to). Is it important to you?
  10. @Quarrelsome Mountain Lion I've started reading this! It's good so far!
  11. Kit

    A Druid and an Orc

    The voice that protested did not speak with the same accent as the rabble of farmers that surrounded it. The rotten vegetables were bright and gleaming under the fresh sun. The rocks were dull, their undersides damp as if they had been picked up from the ground after the rain that had dribbled on his makeshift stick and leaf tent last night. But wasn't this interesting? The spirit that lived within drove them and defined them. It was nature's will that they be precisely as that spirit dictated. In Maddox's experience, that spirit was partly bound to the creature that moulded it and so all species were defined by some trait or other. And yet, here was an aberration. An orc that ought to be destroyed for rejecting it's nature to slaughter, or protected for it's transmutation? Like a caterpillar that transmuted into a moth. Maddox grabbed the backs of two farmers and wrenched them aside by the backs of their tunics. "Stop now," Blades of grass reached towards him and roots - some of them potatoes - pulled themselves out of the ground. Tiny roots, but the potatoes were precious, some of them still green, bitter and poisonous. "He will come with me."
  12. Kit

    Creep City

    The world was turned on it's head. Puppies went cheap instead of their not so cute but more useful parents. Jo could imagine that those dogs that were actually trained - not the one's left to simmer with boredom all day and night - would be worth quite a bit in this new society. She wiped her neck, spreading potential puppy germs from her neck to her hand, but what a way to go. "The robot from the DLC liked it when you picking up junk didn't she? Curie?" Wrong robot, but Jo had forgotten. She bent over and put the puppy back down. It was immediately jumped on by another puppy, causing a fierce battle of tiny teeth and sloppy tongues to ensue. Dirt and bits of grit clung to their fur and was then thrown up in a little impromptu cloud. "We better get food and all that before we think about getting one of these cuties." Jo added in a low voice. She could see that further along, people had converted their appropriated houses into a house and storefront. Anyone with useful skills from before the end of the world would be raking in coin or whatever the stand in for coin was. Playing netball, studying sociology and drinking her guts out had not prepared Jo for the post-apocalyptic reality. At least she had given up the drink and thrown herself into activity. And at least she had Paige, who was far more useful and stable than her ex-girlfriend. Jo hoped her ex was ok. "Cutie for us cuties." Jo winked and nudged Paige's waist. "C'mon. Maybe someone's made jerky or something. We could just wander around, right?" Not leaving each other of course. The guard's warning still reverberated in her head.
  13. Kit


    I've got a pet. I've got a really flattering photo of her too.
  14. Kit


    You got pets? You wanna show 'em off?
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