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  1. Gin

    Rattle it.

    Man I for one, love all of my ships. They make a mighty fleet. BUT. I still value the hell out of writing a story and a plot without romance at its core. From my little edge of the boards I've come from, that seems to be the most lacking. So much hinges on romance, and doesn't scratch the surface of other important relationships, and other facets of the word love. I don't judge if that's someone's bread and butter, everyone should write what speaks to them the most; if anything, I feel a little leery like, offering other types of stuff up to people because it seems hard to find people who, like you said, don't obsess over it, or stick their nose up at the prospect of not coming up with something romantic. ...Which is not evident at all with my current threads lmao, but, undying love of my ships. I hope to change that in the near future~
  2. Gin

    Rattle it.

    Hello and welcome! I can, so so so relate to running around LARPing with friends because the more I gave it thought over the years, the more I realize that is exactly what I did with my daycare friend group aaaand I even played mostly dudes back then and the actual boys (see: all of them minus me) were super accepting of my choices. So like, yeah! Ride or die roleplay, I guess. I'm all about throwing my kids into the shark tank to see how they do/develop them as actual, dimensional creatures, and am partial to anything fantasy/supernatural. So if you ever want something (and don't mind slow and easy because my life guaranteed will get busy on a moment's notice), I'm here~
  3. I was wondering why that name and that book sounded so familiar! I definitely looked into reading that some point in my past. I'll have to add it again. floats off to goodreads
  4. Name: Cowboy Bebop Recommended? Well uh, obviously. Classic sci-fi anime goodness. About/Review Still one of the best opening title songs of all time, fight me. Okay...3, 2, 1 let's jam.
  5. Title: Meddling Kids Author: Edgar Cantero Recommended? Absolutely. About/review: So, not a current read, but a recent one. Yes, this has a disgusting amount of Scooby-Doo references. Yes, this also tips its hat to so many other pioneers in the horror genre, both in the literary sense and the world of pop culture. It is a fun, monster-filled horror romp. But also! His writing style is just so refreshing and different. I don't know how to explain it, but there's this wonderful way in which he breathes life into inanimate objects (without spoiling too much, one of the protagonist's hair). It's a one-shot as well, so no worrying about adding ten books to your list.
  6. Title: Rivers of London Author: Ben Aaronovitch Recommended? So, far, yeah. About/review: I'm only a few chapters in so far, but I'm absolutely loving the humor of it. It's a nice mix of that first person noir feel with some good, dry humor with a touch of the ridiculous. And, of course, modern magic and supernatural, which is always a huge draw for me. This is a first in a series, but, I've got my fingers crossed it keeps with the running theme of most crime novels, so I can casually go and read other stuff on my vastly growing shelf (coughthesixofcrowsduologycough).
  7. Kit, QML, y'all are giving me cravings for a Blade Runner AU. 😂

    1. Kit


      IT'S A FUN WORLD! :classic_biggrin: I can not wait for Cyberpunk 2077

    2. Quarrelsome Mountain Lion

      Quarrelsome Mountain Lion

      Omggg a blade runner AU would be amazing!! 

  8. Gin


    Stressed? Man, idk, but that's a mood sometimes lol (I feel like there was one I wanted to use when you first added them, but I either forgot or it's there now, cause nothing's coming to mind!)
  9. Gin

    Love Like Winter

    Blair stopped behind Julien, apprehensive. Worried. Seconds stretched, in that atypical way they were wont to do when anxiety loomed so close. He tried to keep it from his face, a face that on its best day had a hard time hiding his emotions. He was glad the vampire in front of him hadn't started moving yet. It would be easier to leave if he never stepped foot in his home in the first place. (Maybe he was thinking that too.) That wasn't it. He could see the shift in Julien's features, the beautiful hard edges that seemed to have lost their severity. The upwards tug at the corners of his lips, maybe he imagined that much in this dim light, but it was like he could feel it. There was a change there, and his own body relaxed. It was a relief. It was better than relief. Julien didn't just tolerate kids; he liked them. Blair pushed back the sting in his eyes as his heart swelled. It was better than he could have hoped for. "Yeah," he answered, taking a moment to clear his throat, "Two of them. A boy and a girl, six and four respectively. Tobias and Evelyn." Blair smiled as brightly talking about his children, following a few steps behind Julien. He watched the lights bloom into brilliance and had a kindred feeling. More alive, more alight, than he had been in a while, even when standing in a room that was far from familiar in a house that was far from his own. Its warmth spread all the same, quiet for now, with room to reach in deep. Doubts ebbed away and he let them, tossing them back out into the dark of the night they had just rode through. This would be better.
  10. There was, oddly, a relief in knowing that the Derry wouldn't be dogged by yet another sharp-nosed detective inspectors (or whatever it was that they fancied to call themselves down in England). Rowan was careful to mast that he felt that way. It was already getting to be far from ideal. The less warm bodies to worry about, the better. "Hardly a consolation," Rowan drawled, "I shouldn't think we'll have need of anyone else. Missing person cases tend to be rather cut and dry." Generally, there were two options. The person went missing on purpose, or they were dead. Rarely was there anything thing in between. Rarely, of course, did a man go missing amid a pack of wolves. In most cases, that didn't create a third option--it just meant you were most likely to find him dead. He kept his gaze steady, appreciative of the fact that the man across the table did the same. He was probably just as good at this game as he was himself. "Rowan Darling," he answered after a little more than normal pause. There had been, the brief moment, where he had thought of throwing him something fake. From detective to detective, that kind of dishonesty left a bitter taste in his mouth. Many misgivings aside, he was a respectful man. And the Englishman that sat across from him was about as close as either was going to get to having a partner for this whole mess. Besides, it was no surprise the man would want to talk again. "And your name? If I come across pertinent news in the meantime, it would be nice to know who I should look for," he responded. As much fun as it might be to continually refer to him by nationality, he had some inspecting of his own he'd like to do. Just to be sure.
  11. Gin

    Tug of War

    Eat your heart out, Renaud. A chuckle escaped his lips as the young woman clutching his arm spoke, perfectly timed and more than a little fueled by the glare he could feel from across the room. Daniel would, no doubt, be here tonight. Skulking somewhere in the back room, trying hard to curry the princess' favor once again. Tough luck there. Nate was competitive by nature, always burning, constantly trying to get a leg up over whoever was just floating above and around him. He blamed his brother, as much as he loved the man, with the ease that he commanded a room. Attention. Power. And how he always seemed to reluctant and humble to take it. He was a perfect leader. A massive shadow, unintentionally looming, dwarfing him with every graceful step it took. It was maddening. But he was going to fix it. Some days, it was hard to be confident of that. Other days, days like today with the princess arm in arm, there wasn't a doubt in his mind. It wasn't a route he had ever saw himself taking until the king had announced the availability of his daughter. She was younger than he normally aimed for, but pretty, in a simple way. She wore nothing extravagant--she didn't need to, being the princess, as expected as it was for her dress to catch eyes before her title did. Marie liked it better this way, and he found something endearing in that. He had found her endearing, that was why he had courted her in the first place. Genuine interest. Not because the moment he had met Daniel he wanted to take every one of his chances at power away from him. The other man, so close to him in age but so farther removed from any noble line, was far down on his list of friends and right at the top of his competitors. He'd rather not have him vying for Marie's attention. Or, really, the attention of anyone in the royal family. Summer blue eyes caught Daniel halfway across the room--really, they caught who he was speaking with. The king. His head titled slightly, eyes turning to squint with suspicion and disdain? Bold move, Renaud, he thought. Can't win the favor of one royal, just go up the ladder to the next. Nate's stomach squeezed with some ugly, burning emotion he couldn't put a finger on but gave him one directive. Stop this before it gets a chance to start. He gave Marie a small pat on the hand. "You'll have to excuse me, love," he started, voice soft and eyes bright. Her brown eyes met his, glittering and inquisitive as he continued, "I realized I haven't greeted your father yet tonight, and I think I should fix that before the offense becomes criminal." With a small laugh she let him off, and Nathaniel Crane eased his way through the crowd, warm smile and charming winning him as many looks as his carefully tailored grey suit with rich blue accents. He didn't speak as he reached closer to the pair, instead waiting until the king's gaze met his to make his first greeting. "Good evening, your majesty," he started, gaze flickering quickly to Daniel before settling back on the king, "you'll have to forgive me for not coming to greet you sooner. Your daugther was regaling me with some stories of your summer vacations."
  12. Gin

    Love Like Winter

    Blair thought for a moment. Of course he was getting something out of it, but it was hard to pinpoint just what it was. What really kept him around. Fear, maybe. Less of Mara than of the life he had before her, the miserable existence in a cramped closet of an apartment above a bar, taking whatever shift opened up to him. Living off the scrap of a paycheck, whatever was left after he sent all he could to his ex and his kids, payed the bills. They were comfortable, even while he was barely surviving; and as miserable as he had been he hadn't dared asked for any more than that. It was enough. Mara had pulled him from that. He owed her. Even when her attention made him balk, even when every facet of her physical appetite was too much and scarcely appealing. And he needed to remember that. Letting out a deep sigh, he answered. "She did offer a place in her estate, to be fair. I chose the apartment instead. It's far easier for the weekends I get to spend with my children." He left out the part where she had sneered at the idea of small humans running around her home, "dirtying" whatever they touched. And the part where he had preferred to keep them from ever seeing her. "Whether I agree or disagree with everything she does, I wasn't doing well when she found me. She did change that much." (Something clenched deep in his gut. Something that wished, dreamed, dared to hope that maybe things would be different. Maybe Julien would be different.) "I don't mind, as long as you aren't opposed to my kids being around on occasion. They are the one thing I won't budge on," Blair responded, smiling a little nervously, silent prayers being thrown from his thoughts, useless and thin as they felt. The shift in the engine caught his attention, the shift into blackness spurring tension back into the sinews of muscle. He could feel Julien there, a solid shape of darkness awash in all this black air around them. He didn't hear him move, didn't see anything as his eyes continued to dilate, but he felt his shift nonetheless. It was like the cold that radiated off of thick granite memorials on hard winter nights. Julien wasn't touching him, but he shivered. His fingers, all too eager to grip the handle of the door, squeezed shut and pulled at the handle. "I....thanks," Blair murmured, stepping out, feeling the door pulled from his grip by the steady hand of the driver. Unfazed. Hesitant and unsure, he stepped forward. Expect nothing, he told himself. Assume nothing changes.
  13. Gin

    Love Like Winter

    Intense. It was the first word to come to mind as Blair looked back at Julien. Sharp eyes in a sharp face that was nonetheless elegant for it. He was ethereal, more than someone human ever could be, with lips he found himself watching even as he spoke, so close to those powerful eyes. Julien. Even his name was perfect. Blair smiled back, already enamored and already unsure of what to do about it. He took Julien's hand, noting its smoothness and the familiar chill of vampiric skin. "Blair," he responded with a small smile, "nice to properly meet you." He looked back down to the hand clasped with his own, admiring it, long and elegant and ethereal. He shifted his gaze out the window. A small chuckle escaped his lips. "I feel a little bad for you, if after all this time I'm the most stunning human you've seen," he mused, hoping the light color of his cheeks was marginally hidden but knowing he was most likely out of luck. Try all he might, he wasn't completely immune to compliments. Cold settled over his skin, fleeting, unable to stick in the comfort of the backseat. The dull hum of the motor pressed in around them, pushing the car past more streetlights and farther from the biting cold behind him. Lurking in the darkness of his apartment. It shouldn't have felt so relieving to drive away from her. But every meter of pavement between them was another cut in the chain, closer to that broken link giving him freedom. (He couldn't argue that point. Her touch had always been shallow and her eyes had never looked at anything more than a beloved toy. Sweet teddy bear. He couldn't bring himself to share that part.) "Thankfully, with special occasions aside, she never seems to visit for over three hours," Blair shrugged, giving a small smile, "I'd be happier with less but...well, I guess that's not really in my job description."
  14. “I have to get going, but I’ll talk to you tomorrow, love. Kiss the kids for me. Goodnight.” Pulling the phone from the crook of his neck and his shoulder, Blair stared down at the open suitcase in front of him. Everything had its own neat pile, organized within an inch of its life, and yet it still looked wrong. The fact that it was even happening, he guessed. That he was leaving his apartment in a confusing mixture of willing and unwilling, for some amount of time he had never really been told. A week, a month, indefinitely. He had been auctioned, pawned off into the hands of the highest bidder—someone he knew only for having an attractive face and a fine etiquette. With a penchant for getting under Mara’s skin in the kind of way that he silently wished he could for well over a year now. He had always planned on going into this neutral, but a new anticipation rippled its way under his skin. He zipped the case, breaking the silence with that harsh noise of closure, and hefted it off his bed to head for the door. Mara was standing in his doorway. Blair jumped, reacting with a short, mental curse as his heart pushed upwards into his throat. The woman leaned her elegant frame against the doorway, unmoving. Her face was passive, stoic, the only emotion betrayed in the quiet burn in the back of her eyes. Had he not known her better, he would have missed it entirely. She could have saved herself the trouble and not pawned him off, if she was going to be this reluctant about letting him go. (She should have thought twice about inviting the one person she seemingly wanted to impress but had no taste for otherwise.) “You’re all set to leave, then,” she spoke, commenting more than questioning, voice low, a flowing stream in the winter. She was amazing at manipulation. An extra word here, a tone change there, and she could pull guilt out of a bloody sociopath. Blair swallowed and held his place. He had nothing to feel guilty about. She did this to herself, just like she always did. (Funny, how it had never stopped him before.) “Er, yeah, I think I’ve gotten everything I’ll need for now,” he answered after a hard swallow, eyes flicking down to the case by his side and back again. Anxiety clutched at his stomach, at the doorway half obscured by this woman. Older in look, older in age, older in experience. There was only one way out. He stepped forward, closing the gap between them. She stopped him (of course she stopped him) as he came into line with her, his feet pausing in their desperate march as a hand snaked up and under his chin. Delicate and cold, her fingers caressed his tensing jaw, ghosting down to land on the two teeth marks on his neck. They pushed just a little too hard against skin a little too tender, and he winced. “I’ll miss you, love. Next time you’re around, I’ll take you to Berlin with me,” she murmured, close to his ear, with a warmth that couldn’t quite pierce her words. So she was flying away again. There’d be no loneliness in her future, no time for silent pining with extravagant parties and foreign donors lining up at her door. They always did. The only thing that had ever really surprised him was her faithfulness. At least, what he saw of it. (It’s not always that bad, he told himself. She has her good moments. You’ve seen them.) “Sounds nice, I look forward to it,” he answered coolly, warmer than her still, eyes half-lidded while the tiniest of smiles tugged at his lips. He had picked up a lot in these last couple of years. Fingers released, and Blair had to keep from tripping over himself as he headed for the stairs, desperate, hoping that there was a car already there. There wasn’t, but its headlights flashed through the living room window as he reached the door. He opened it, strode out, and didn’t look back. He could imagine it easily enough, anyway. Mara, in the door, scowling—maybe even snarling—looking onto the vehicle and the vampire inside that was about to take her favorite quarry. It was too dark for him to see into the windows of the vehicle, but the chill on his back said enough on its own. The driver exited, grabbed his suitcase after a polite requested, and opened the back door for him. He slid in, nerves rattling, splitting apart as he let all the tension out of his body at once and looked over to his left. To his new…owner, for lack of a better word. Tired as it was, he offered him a smile. It was real this time.
  15. Gin

    Brandon Sanderson

    That is awesome! I am also inclined to say it was a generous thing, he's a very down to earth kind of dude. A few years ago, at the same con he had been at and I had gotten the signed book, I also very specifically remember that he was playing some late night magic the gathering with all the attendees that were there. I feel like I remember hearing that he wasn't the best player out there, but he just has such a love for the game (I can relate to this so much, I do like to occasionally play but I'm neither good nor affluent enough in time and/or money to get better).
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