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  1. FINLEY B. WINHOLM We’re gonna rattle this ghost town. AGE twenty-four SPECIES human PACK AFFILIATION n/a PACK POSITION n/a ATTUNED n/a OCCUPATION Baker RELATIONSHIPS Granddaughter of Brigid Winholm and Nolan Winholm (deceased) Daughter of Finnegan Winholm and Harper Winholm Sister of Declan Winholm, Vienna Seabrooke, Raisa Winholm, Lyren Winholm Friend of Rosean Hernandez SEEKING Friends, enemies, people that enjoy baked goods, preferably not arsonists interested in burning down bakeries in small Irish towns.
  2. My favorite original world is probably the one you’ll hear Laina and I talking about the most as it’s where most of our most beloved characters originated. It’s mostly one country, called Tiressiv where there are humans and Weavers. Weavers are essentially shapeshifters with the ability to control the elements. Main plot is usually the Weavers fighting back after years and years of enslavement under the humans. There’s a huge religious war going on as well. And the heir to the throne discovers she’s a Weaver as well shortly after a coup in which the throne is stolen and her parents are killed. We just started a new one as well, and I’m liking it so far. I’m just a huge sucker for medieval/fantasy, it’s my favorite. Though I love me some modern too, with or without fantasy. And yeah, nursing school is rough. Super rough. Also, I will work on finding a good picture of Minnie Dinosaur. Might have to ask Alaina.
  3. Gabriel Hernandez was many things. Ready to live with someone he had never met was not one of them. Not that he meant to sound ungrateful, he was very happy for his former roommate and good friend, Tamsyn Collingwood, and he thought Tamsyn’s new wife was perfect for him. He was lucky in that Alessandra (the aforementioned bride and another friend of Gabe’s) knew of someone who was looking to move to the city to take Tamsyn’s place and save Gabe from having to try and find a roommate. But naturally, there was a downside. And the downside came in the form that the person in question was one of Alessandra’s good friend’s sisters. Which normally would not be a problem since Alessandra herself was a level-headed woman on her way through law school, the issue was that the friend in question was decidedly nothing like her best friend. Adalae Ward was Wild. The ‘w’ was capitalized even in his thoughts. Adalae was Alessandra’s childhood friend and she was very much into the party and clubbing scene. Gabe was very much into staying at home and working on his projects or reading. Adalae was a stripper. Gabe was an aspiring carpenter and worked full time in the grocery on the first floor on their apartment building. They were overall completely incompatible and the idea of living with someone like Adalae (although he truly did like her as a person!) gave him hives. The upside was that Alessandra assured him Evalyn was nothing, nothing at all like her sister. Gabe had trouble believing this, but he also had absolutely no desire to interview any number of people in the city and run the risk of accepting someone he knew nothing about. At least with Alessandra’s approval, he knew she was unlikely to wreck his apartment or throw too many big parties, Tamsyn’s wife knew Gabe’s preferences after how often she had been over to visit. Now Gabe was making sure all his projects looked as uncluttered as possible (pretty impossible with six in the works right then, but he tried) and opening windows to try and get the wood varnish smell out. He had a ventilation system in place, of course, but it was a smell that lingered regardless. He had just settled on this couch and opened his book when the knock on the door finally came. He ran his fingers quickly through his black curls and toyed with the ends of his olive green tee shirt before he opened the door. “Good morning, I’m...Gabe.” He trailed off, eyes widening as he took in the young woman on the other side of the door.
  4. Hello! As you may have seen in the title, my name is Darion. I am twenty-five years old, I’ve been role playing for fourteen years now, though I try not to think back to those first few years too much cause I was bad. Nowadays, I am in the middle of nursing school (aka, literal hell, not because I don’t love it, but because my program is a disaster.), I have two wonderful, brilliant, somewhat demonic three-year-old boys, two dogs (a puppy and an old lady), two cats (both beloved, but ones an a-hole and the other is the most purrfect cat to grace the planet), a fish (Betta, named Bubbles), and a gecko (Minnie Dinosaur, my three-year-olds are unwitting pun geniuses.). Most of my recent roleplaying has been with my best friend of fifteen years and current partner, Laina, but I am unsure yet if she will be joining. (We both have a lot going on and I am probably crazy for trying to do new role plays on top of it!) In the past I have roleplayed a variety of topics and I love to try new things! I prefer original to fandoms most of the time, but I can do a role play set in the world of a fandom if I know enough about it. I will post once a week for sure, but I try for daily, though I won’t be upset if my partner takes longer. I don’t do play-bys, sorry, I prefer to imagine characters in my head. If you do play-bys, that’s completely fine by me though! I love to read, so feel free to suggest new books to me! I play games, though not nearly as much as I used to (kids, dogs, school...), but I absolutely adored Breath of the Wild and I love my Switch so much. I don’t watch a lot of tv shows, but I did recently binge watch Sugar Rush on Netflix so...Oh and I’ve watched Toy Story like ten times this week. Mostly I’m here to remember that I’m a people too and to kind of get away from my very busy, hectic life. And to make new friends!
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