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  1. Hello! I am currently majoring in biology with a focus on genetics and biotechnology. I plan to turn it into genetics research so I'll probably be in school a while. Between Darion and I we easily have over one-hundred characters in just our one story line so it's a really tough choice but I could probably narrow it down to three. Jac is a fiercely independent woman who would just as rather beat a man over the head as take him to the bedroom. Her husband is appreciates her feisty attitude and their idea of a fun time is going head-to-head in matches of physical power. They have been known to throw their children out into the woods and have them hold survival matches for "character building". The next one is another fiery personality but Adalae isn't much one for physical combat. She instead loves to seek out and press the buttons of others just to observe how they would react. Her husband is much into punishment of the bedroom variety so they are well matched as she enjoys poking and prodding him into doing just that. She is a high school dropout that is very streetwise, likes to party, and changes hobbies every week. Her husband, Rahim, is an introverted college English professor (in modern versions) that loves nothing more than to sit down, enjoy a nice gourmet coffee and read. Their friends and family are agreed that the match could only be based on their physical tastes. Harper is an artist and the son of a well-known actress and music composer. He is shorter than average, a little on the bigger side and extremely vain. His house is always pristine and decorated tastefully. He has been known to snub people based solely on their appearance. He has a fondness for sweets and abhors physical labor. He is married to a military man with a penchant for leaving dirty laundry lying around, a habit Harper is slowly breaking him out of. His biggest pet peeve is being referred to as "the woman in the relationship" despite being shorter and having slightly more effeminate tastes than his husband he is VERY MUCH a MAN, thank you!
  2. My name is Alaina and I’m a (soon to be) 26 year old mother of two. I have two boys who will turn four in January. Yes, they keep me very busy and drive me insane. We also have four fur babies (2 dogs and 2 cats) and they also drive me insane. I live with my girlfriend (Darion) and am currently fighting an uphill battle with immigration to bring my husband to the U.S. from New Zealand. I was born and raised in the Midwest but moved to New Zealand fresh out of high school in 2011 to meet up with a guy I met online. I lived over there for five years and we’ve been married now for six years. Roleplay wise I started writing when I was eight. It was not great quality stuff but it was a start. That would make it eighteen years now that I’ve been writing. I still write regularly with Darion and we have an ongoing storyline that we keep working and reworking to the point that we’re now 3,000 pages in. I would say that my main focus when I write is character development. My characters tend to grow and change as things happen to them and I am always asking myself why they do what they do. You may not see the longest posts out of me but I like to keep my characters dynamic and fun. I could reliably post at least once a week on here. I do go to school full time plus parent and all that fun stuff. I do always have my phone on me though and so will likely be very reliable as far as chatting goes.
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