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  1. He thought he had nothing left to lose. "I heard a voice that I did not know yet," He placed his hand on his own heart, "I knew here. She told me that our kind were broken, tortured, torn from our grace, mutilated so much that even our children will forever be marked by our suffering. My ancestors were taken and refused to give any pardon or sway. They were cursed with potions, images," He said, growled in frustration and a raging feeling of helplessness. The voice was silent in his mind. "We changed. Morphed... forever spoiled and doomed to do to others what happened to us."
  2. He had seen handshakes before. It was a strange gesture. The orc was careful not to dig his claws into Maddox's hand. Once he removed his hand, he paused and stared down at it. Flexing his fingers. That was good.... a sign of friendship. Companionship..... Do not be scared. He nodded and hesitated when he saw the woods. There were strange beings who did not like his kind who resided here but the forest had also been a place of refuge. Safety. Peace, even when he had none. Still.... "Over a year ago, my life was normal... I was the leader of my clan and would lead raids, took slaves and sacrificed captives to the dark gods," He said, shame in his voice and lowered his head. Both feeling shame for his actions and for the shame itself. These things were normal for his kind. "I was with Clawash, my mate, she," He smiled with love, affection and respect. "She is ferocious. We were talking about what camps to raid during the summer. The Dread Master was sending out his emissaries to bring all the clans under his command." He said, at this he growled and continued. "Clawash said, "Keep your faluke worduk avo yourukelf, flagit beaumn. Kulknej ayh noav kneeleruk. Tell your maukavas kulknej nauk-jecav naj-ri uavaverpak!" Again, he smiled at the memory with love and pride, and then the reminder of what was lost. Then remembered there was a chance he would not be understood. "Essentially, stop lying me down believe you. Our clan does not obey and we want nothing to do with him. And, some other, less than polite things....." He smiled, or tried to but instead the smile made it look like more of a sneer. "We rested and then I had a strange dream. That dream changed everything for me." * Keep your false words to yourself, foul being. We are not kneelers. Tell your Master we reject him utterly. I will decorate my house with your spine, castrate you and slaughter your family.
  3. Friend? He did not realise that he had been bleeding. His hand reached up and touched his bottom lip, looked at the dark coloured blood and rubbed it between his fingertips. The sight of blood was strange now. How much had he spilled in the past? Deep down he felt like a fool. He had been driven from his clan, loss his station, and now even petty little farmers required him to be defended by a stranger. It is the right thing to do. "Yeah, yeah, yeah...." They grumbled, frowned but the magic had caused them enough concern to slowly back away. Muttering curses and threats under their breath of what would happen if they returned. All empty threats. Finally, the last of the farmers turned around to leave to go back to their huts with a distinctive. "Ya know, I could have taken them." Said by one of them during the retreat. The orc felt ashamed. Do not feel shame. Thank him. "Thank you, I.. appreciate what you have done for me," He said honestly. Fanged teeth bared in an attempt at a smile and when he realised what he did. He stopped, closed his lips and half covered his mouth with his hand. Ask him his name. Introduce yourself. "What is your name? I am Gh√Ęsh-ash of the Bloodlord clan." He answered, although.. he had been stripped of his clan but old habits died hard.
  4. Gothic


    Lily and Iggles snuggling on the couch.
  5. Gothic

    Creep City

    Paige shrugged. She couldn't remember which one it was and wondered whether someone would end up making robots who would be able to do the work that nobody wanted to do. "Yeah, that's probably a good idea," She murmured, patted the puppies and watched as it was placed on the ground. Hopefully no-one would buy it while they walked off to purchase the necessary items. They had talked a little about their respective pasts. Paige missed her family. She heard early on that they had died. Having relied on memory for their face she could barely make them out now. Would she even recognise them? Would they recognise her? The chaos of the new world had brought out a resilience in her. Would they miss her? Were they even still alive? She giggled and playfully nudged Jo in return. "Well, we are pretty damn cute," Paige answered with a dramatic sigh and pretended to fan herself with her hand. "You and your jerky need to get a room!" Paige stuck her tongue out, she peeked through the laneways of the mini shops of people selling stuff and could not find anything. Food, water, ammo, maybe some bandages. "Alrighties, let's go, I would love to have some coffee.... oooo and chocolate," She moaned at the thought of eating chocolate. Little treats were now like mana from heaven. The pair of them walked towards the nearest shop keep and looked at the items. Couple of old books, some ornaments, blankets, and otherwise nothing in particular. In the distance they could hear people yelling and a fight beginning to break out.
  6. The voice caused him to stare openly. It was so calm. The crowd all seemed surprised by the antics of the stranger, it was not common to see an orc -- and it was even less common to see someone defend an orc. D-did the potatoes come out of the ground? Magic, it was not uncommon for the orcs, although he had a wariness towards magic users due to causing pain the past. His eyes narrowed with mistrust, defensiveness, hostility. No... this is not you.... be kind.... "I.. I will go with you," He said. Orcs had their own hierarchy among themselves. Defeat and captives were never treated well. Their warrior culture was a way that protected them, brought pride and honour to them. Yet.. it was twisted... corrupted. Whispers of spoils of war. He stepped forward before being shoved roughly. His hands rested on Maddox's shoulders and chest. If he could have blushed, he would have, and his eyes were cast downwards and bit his own bottom lip so hard that it had begun to bleed. He could have ripped their fucking heads off. Easily. No, this is not you anymore. Walk away. Go with the stranger..... To be helpless as an orc was shameful. Disgrace. Dishonour. He still could not bear to look at him.
  7. I'm not sure what my moon sign is. I need to dig up the reading lol
  8. Leo (some have said Leo/Cancer cusp) sun and Scorpio ascendant. I may have gotten full readings in the past. One was pretty accurate.
  9. Kingdom Come: Deliverance at the moment. It is pretty full on though.
  10. Gothic

    Creep City

    "Aww look how little it is!" She cooed, patted the puppy in Jo's hands and thought more about the question. Their reality was closer to Fallout now except without nuclear radiation (although there was always the chance a mad bastard would try to further destroy the world). Paige wrinkled her lip, tried to think of all their names and said. "I liked how Dogmeat didn't bitch when you picked things up," She laughed, grinned and shrugged. "I guess Hancock. He wasn't an evil bastard but did what he needed to get done. What about you?" Paige cringed at the sight of the puppy licking Jo's neck. Disease was a constant threat in the new world. "I wonder if he would be cheaper because he is so little," Paige leaned in and whispered. Not wanting to let the vendor hear her not so cunning plan.
  11. They didn't listen to him. At first he thought it could be that he was speaking a different dialect of the common tongue or perhaps his accent was too heavy for them to understand? But no, they understand. They just didn't want to listen to him. His hands were raised up defensively as he blocked as many rotten vegetables and rocks thrown at him as he possibly could. He could have killed them. In the past, he would have heard their screams and pleads for mercy. He would have slain them all. Ate their flesh in a blood rite and used their skins as pelts for the leather parts of his armour. Now? He only wished for peace. For understanding. He still retained his height, the deep scar down what could have been an attractive face and the greyish skin. "No! Please.... I want to trade!" He explained loudly. "I, I have brought you.. some, arrgh! some... grain for the approaching winter! I want to help!"
  12. Gothic


    I'm onto you. You just want to see more cat pics!
  13. Gothic

    Creep City

    "Hey, I'm bringing it back." She teased back. She was not sure who exactly would take it back up. "Aww, look at them," She cooed, trying to pat as many as possible and grinned wide. "Awww, I wish we could take them all.... which one do you like?" Paige grinned cheekily. She was determined to get a puppy for them to take care of. There were two of them in particular that caught her eye. "Hey! Doesn't that puppy look like Dogmeat from Fallout 3 and that one from Dogmeat in Fallout 4?" She asked.
  14. Gothic

    Creep City

    She took it. Put the strap over her shoulder and patted it. It felt natural, normal, and daresay, almost as though she was made to carry a weapon of some kind. As they walked she cringed every so often as she thought about that damned disgusting toilet. There were people around and signs that this was an aged care facility yet there were absolutely none of the elderly people still around. She ignored it. Paige had to push a lot of the worries and changes to the back of her mind. She had to survive.... they had to survive. Her feelings towards Jo were complicated. They had become partners on the road. A team. Kind of like siblings but at the same time she felt something more. It was complicated and awkward. When Jo wrapped her arm around Paige's shoulders, she leaned in and grinned up at her. "LOOK AT THEM!" She squeed with glee and wrapped her own arm halfway around Jo's back. "Awww look! omg... " She instantly went down onto her knees to get close as the puppies began to lick her fingers. "Aww look at their little faces!"
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