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  1. He intended to find something else to occupy himself with. There were always a thousand things to be done in the Drago di Napoli at any given moment, and Hasan could easily find one of them. Certainly, with half the alphas gone, it wasn't difficult, because they were even more backed up than usual. Somewhere between stalking out into the hall, and reaching the staircase, though, he felt the little Kassander blip in his head flicker in shock, and then straight up panic. Instinct kicked in. Immediately, he turned right back around, shoving the door back out of his way and putting himself in between Kassander and Daren, wings unfurling defensively, and then logic kicked in. His expression probably went from unbridled annoyance and perhaps a touch of snarling to confusion to concern in the span of a heartbeat or two. This was Daren. He did trust him, and so did Kassander. "What happened?" he demanded, instead, tucking his wings back against his body and turning around to kneel in front of Kassander. "Hey, breathe, it's okay," he murmured, gathering the smaller blond in his arms and rocking slightly. "You're safe here." He was having a panic attack and Hasan couldn't for the life of him figure out why, but then he supposed it didn't matter much, not right this second. His first concern was calming Kassander down, because if he freaked out too much, he'd expend more energy than he could afford to lose about now. [ that took an eon im sorry ]
  2. That didn't turn out so well. Mind you, Hasan knew the risks when he made the executive decision to go up there. For one thing, he wanted to make sure it actually was Marcus; he trusted Kassander enough to believe it, and he saw the way the Roman reacted. Only Marcus could've elicited such a response. Maybe he just felt the need to see it with his own eyes. If nothing else, with any luck, Marcus wouldn't recognize him (oh, but Hasan would recognize him), and he could get some idea of what his plans were. Why go through all this trouble to make himself Hamadaeva? Surely he couldn't still hold a grudge against Kassander for being prettier and smarter than he was. That was a difficult thing to fathom, so Hasan had to assume this went beyond Kassander and was bigger than their petty little one-up war from back at Rome. Unfortunately, he hadn't managed to gain much in the way of intel before Gabriel was throwing fireballs at him. The French ginger was dangerous, but it had less to do with her skill and ability as it had to do with her unpredictability. In battle, one's opponent quite often had plans. They made logical decisions, and often very similar logical decisions to the ones someone else with some understanding of combat and how it worked would, but Gabriel was another story. No one had ever really taught her proper combat form, and while she wasn't exactly incapable of fighting, the truth was battle was inherently chaotic, and her ability to ride that chaos and sometimes turn it in her favor, coupled with her lack of instinctive reaction the same way a formally-trained combatant might react, threw even Hasan off guard, and he was hard to blindside. He slipped up only a little, and the next thing he knew, he was crashing into the ground-floor entryway in the Drago complex, hissing angrily at the ceiling, his wings unfurling in a threatening manner. Apollo clicked twice, and a crackle of Kassander's magic alighted for a second, as Apollo's canons fired at something unseen outside. How very fucking dare-wait... there was a new smell, but not a new smell, it was familiar, in the complex. Hasan paused a moment, breathing; the Sandalio hunting-party had returned, but that wasn't what he smelled- Sandalio. The relief in his expression then was probably tangible; Sandalio could figure out how to keep Kassander going until Hasan figured out how to save him. Or, even, Icarus could figure it out, and Hasan could rearrange some daeva-faces, whichever. He breathed out, smiled, and went to move that way, and stopped, loosing a pained hiss. Ah, he'd almost lost this wing, judging by the cut that went halfway up to the bone. There was a lot of blood under him. He should fix this first.
  3. That was perhaps even more concerning. Kassander didn't recognize this Azrael, which meant that they were essentially flying blind. One couldn't ascend if the Light didn't decide you were going to, so Hasan was very well convinced Kassander had ascended him and just didn't remember doing so. But if he had then why didn't he remember? Kassander never met a daeva he did not remember, at least as long as Hasan had been paying attention, and that was quite a few thousand years. He didn't like this. He really didn't like this. Was that even possible? Apollo was a brilliant piece of magic and machinery, but Hasan wasn't so sure how likely it was that a machine could pull something so delicate as the life-death cycle. Then again, if Kassander didn't think it could, he supposed he wouldn't be trying to make it do so. The instinct was still there. He shook his head, somewhat clinging to the hand Kassander gave him. "Yes," he answered, in quiet Latin. "Everything goes away. But not you." He wasn't sure what changed, there. One moment it was a fact of reality, and the next everything in him wanted to rail against it. Maybe because now he knew it wasn't just something that was going to happen, that it was, in fact, fully preventable. Now that he knew he could fight it, apparently, Hasan would. At this point, it wasn't even about how much Hasan loved him, and needed him around, he didn't want to consider what would happen to the rest of the daevas, that, mind you, were already losing their minds, if Kassander was gone. And the thing with that was, even if only the daevas were affected, it could still lead to some extremely dangerous things, because the daevas were so inherently dangerous. The daevas were loaded cannons, and Hasan hated to think what would happen if the only thing preventing them from firing was gone. He loosed a sigh, kissing Kassander's knuckles, and then stalking out into the hall. He needed a minute. Or a few, maybe that was a few. Kassander could easily point Daren in the right direction, and get him where he was supposed to be going, and Hasan, apparently, was going to throw a very quiet tantrum. Somewhere else.
  4. He tried not to laugh, really he did, but that was cute, and a small amused noise might've escaped. "Love you too, Kassi." He did, yes. Even if, sometimes, it didn't feel like it was enough just to love him, but it wasn't like Hasan had any better ideas, and it'd been enough the last two thousand years. Maybe he'd just have to hope that it still was, and, of course, Kassander had never led him to believe it wasn't. He still found himself vaguely wondering what he was good for, if that was all he could do. There weren't many instances in his long life that he'd felt useless. He still hadn't gotten accustomed to it, he guessed. So, Kassi didn't know, either. Hasan tried not to look too concerned about that, but if there was someone on the islands playing Hamadaeva, why wouldn't Kassander know which one it was? There seemed to be a lot of things, here, that Kassander didn't seem to know, and it was becoming a little-a lot-concerning. It wasn't like Kassander wasn't aware he was the Light; he'd become aware of that some thousand years ago. Every daeva ascended through him, which meant Kassander had ascended this Hamadaeva, so why didn't he know who that was? Maybe Hasan didn't want to know, but it felt important somehow. And Hasan, the name rang a few bells, but he'd never met him personally. As he thought about it, again, he vaguely remembered hearing of an Azrael, once. There was an Azrael a long time ago, before Kassander had been born, that served during the time of the previous incarnation of the Light, but that was quite a long time ago, and Hasan didn't know him, either. He hadn't ascended then, yet, but he'd heard stories. If he remembered rightly, he was the first daeva of death. That was a big deal, as the daeva of death existed, in a sense, outside the natural order of daevas, because that one had a special function. Life and death needed to continue in a never-ending cycle, and it was the daeva of death that moved them. ... come to think of it, when was the last time they'd had an active daeva of death...? Hasan frowned, to himself, thinking... the last one he remembered was Bjorn. But Bjorn had fallen from Maharaja at the tail end of the Daeva Wars, and Hasan didn't think he was still-so what was keeping life and death moving? ... for a moment, he just watched Kassander. That was a stupid question, wasn't it? What else had the power to keep the life-death cycle moving, in the absence of a daeva of death? But that wasn't something for the Light to be doing. Maybe with the Darkness, he'd break down slower, but-that meant there was a new one. One that, maybe, wasn't ready to ascend. Maybe, a random kid in Luxerion International Academy. "Well, I think I figured out why we're here at least, and what the Host thinks they're after." On the bright side, if there was to be a bright side, here, the Host already knew where their target was. Perhaps, not which random kid it was, but if they didn't know that, he didn't need to ask. It was best if he didn't know, either. "So correct me if I'm wrong," he started, "some random daeva up there is claiming to be the Hamadaeva and apparently is after the next daeva of death. Whoever this is is still alive. Which is why you're dying. You're moving the cycle, aren't you?" Bjorn hadn't been the daeva of death in two or three hundred years, so he had to have been keeping the cycle moving much longer than Hasan thought this was going on. No wonder nothing worked on it. At least he didn't just, suddenly suck at healing. Small comfort.
  5. Oh, like he'd even know! Maybe that was what grated his nerves so hard. Kassander liked to talk like he knew something, but he didn't. He didn't know anything about the life Kaspian had led, he didn't know anything about what it was to make hard decisions, he didn't know anything about having to make a couple sacrifices to make sure your family was okay, because god damn it they were all he had, and even if he had to ruin his own life to make sure they could live his, that was what he'd do. Now, he'd reached a point where he knew, logically, that he didn't have to anymore, but he'd never had occasion to think about what he really wanted. For lack of really caring, he'd let it go. It didn't really matter, he was good at this, and it made a good deal of money because he was good at it. "Just, forget it," Kaspian grumbled. "You don't really get it. I guess you wouldn't, practically everything's been handed to you on a silver platter, so I guess you wouldn't really know what it's like not to have any other choices, and I know I do now, but why fix something if it isn't broke?" That was what he figured. Things could be worse. He could really not have the ability to skate anymore, and then, he guessed, he'd have no choice but to figure it out, and that was kind of the person Kaspian was. A creature of necessity, he only did what he had to, and he didn't have to. So, oh well. He'd worry about what to do with his career when he'd been skating for 25 years later, he was only on maybe 18 years at this point. And sure, maybe most people's careers didn't last quite that long, but it wasn't entirely unheard of. He'd broken every world record just before he'd died, why not keep the wheel turning, hm?
  6. Latin was also boring. But, maybe she wasn't being too fair to it. Language-learning in general tended to be fairly difficult, and she supposed it was a matter of how the teacher taught it, whether it was boring or not. Spectra tried not to ugly-snort at that, but, she did. Oh, she did. "Sure," she said, sliding down in the seat. "I've only had a thousand boyfriends by now." It was, of course, sarcasm. Spectra didn't have time for a boyfriend, either that or the ones at the school she was in were all too stupid. Not that she'd say that, exactly, but she certainly thought it. A lot. Because they were. Oh. The big school had magic classes. Well, that'd just figure, now wouldn't it. Hmm. On the one hand, big-school-still-scary, but on the other, it might be kind of nice to meet some others her age that were like her, and did magic. "... are there necromancers besides me?" A short pause. "... and you..." He did count as one of those. It might be nice to meet one or two her age. If nothing else, another necromancer would definitely understand it when she started babbling about the stupid ghosts and their stupid feelings. That was the one that bugged her the most, probably. It wasn't so much the ghost thing, or their freezing their entire fridge, or the stuff moving around randomly, or the bumps in the night, it was the residual emotional impact that was hard to get used to. You never really did, or at least she never really had. Sure, mom tried. And it was really appreciated, but she didn't really get it, and maybe making a friend or two that did would be kind of a load off. She thought her mom was getting about as frazzled by it as she was, because she didn't really know how to help. Just being around, it did help, even if it didn't seem like it. "But it's so big!" she squeaked. It was! It was huge, and she was going to get lost, and there were more kids to make fun of her hair.
  7. Theoretically, he should be doing both, but Hasan supposed he couldn't do them both at the same time. An unfortunate side-effect, he was sure, of being so overworked and trapped in a mortal body. It was, admittedly, thoughts like that one, that made Hasan wonder if Kassi wouldn't be happier, and better off, not being incarnated, if maybe he was meant to die, but Hasan was concerned about what that'd mean for Sandalio, wherever he was. The darkness could not exist without the light-neither could the light exist without the darkness. No doubt, one or the other's death would detrimentally affect the one remaining, and Hasan was really just going to hope he never lived to see it. Hasan couldn't help the snort in response to Kassander's less-graceful 'fuck that guy.' Hasan had already mentioned it, but, perhaps hearing it reiterated by the Light himself was not a bad thing. If nothing else, not having Kassander counter him was a good sign, not that Hasan expected him to. "Ah," Hasan started, glancing at Daren and then turning back to Kass, "I got curious, and it seems the daevas up top are causing more trouble than I expected they'd be. We're still hunting down and finding daeva-cast nightmare cages, and the feather-shredding is still prevalent, and I'd like to know why. I'll have to leave you with Caderyn for a bit, I intend to go find out what they're up to. Now that Daren's here, he can help around here, too. But, you are still the main alpha," Hasan added. "And still the Light. If you've got another plan, I need to know if mine interfere with yours." It'd be good to know, if nothing else. Logically, Hasan knew what to do, but knowing if Kassander had other plans was good for not accidentally ending up in his way. Hasan didn't want to do that. Hasan was already questioning what the Daeva Host were up to, though. And it was quite possible, his new theories were wrong, and in this game, maybe they couldn't afford to be wrong. If they made the wrong decisions, presuming the Host were after something they weren't, they could incidentally expose holes the Host could exploit. Hasan couldn't imagine Gabriel and Michael being stupid enough not to figure that out, which meant it was possible what they thought they knew was a diversion, in the hopes eventually someone would slip up. He could be wrong, still. He may be overestimating them. And he really hoped he was.
  8. So he thought. In truth, Hasan probably had no more idea what their real goal was than Daren did. Sati seemed to have some idea, but Sati always seemed to have some idea. Perhaps it was more imperative that he knew than everyone else. Aside from that, Hasan would really love to see the Host try and get anything out of one of the Fathers of the vampire race-like that was ever going to happen, and perhaps that was part of why he knew. It'd also be more helpful for directing and managing the Desert Storm's movements, in a way that it wasn't obvious what they were doing, to anyone. Sati was tricky that way. It was part of why Hasan admired him, being honest. "Yep," Hasan answered, the heal-glow stopping, as he shuffled back around where he'd been before. "Seems that way. I think, only Kassander and perhaps Sati have an inkling what's at the Academy that they want so much, but neither is sharing. Not entirely sure why, but I'm sure there's a reason. ... isn't this exciting, it's like a murder mystery, only it's our lives. Unfortunately this does mean, I have no idea what I'm going to be diving into later, but the daevas could get quite dangerous... not so sure leaving them alone is a better idea." Perhaps it was a very bad idea, yes. Anyway, he didn't want to wait too long, and let Kassander fall asleep. He'd hate to have to wake him up, considering he was the one insisting the vampire get some rest. He jerked his head toward the door, then turned and quietly unlatched it, and meandered in. Kassander wasn't quite asleep, just yet, he could tell by his breathing, so Hasan settled down near him, gently brushed his fingers against his cheek. "Kassi," he said, softly. "I thought you might want to talk to this one." Oh, he was fairly sure he would. If nothing else, he brought very interesting news from the Kinaan Islands, but he thought he wouldn't dump that on Kassander, just yet. Eventually, he'd probably get around to it on his own. It was hard to miss his wings being inexplicably absent. Hasan knew, Kassander could see them, even when they were hidden. He'd notice, rather quickly, presuming he wasn't too exhausted to. @Sionyx
  9. "Well, sure," Hasan answered. "But it's... probably either I do it, or Kassander will." Quite bluntly, he wasn't entirely sure Kassander could handle healing magic, right now. It tended to be terribly draining, but then, everything was terribly draining, and it was no longer surprising whatsoever. Still, he didn't need to go inviting anything getting worse. This was one of the few things Hasan could do, to make things easier on Kassander, to take some of the weight off him, of course he was going to. Ah. That was a great question. Hasan, even, only had half the answer, and what half he did have, it didn't terribly make any sense, insofar as deciphering what this all was even their problem for. He'd gathered bits and pieces; actually, Hasan was quite sure that it looked like Sati had asked the Drago di Napoli to follow the Desert Storm here to Nebraska. The truth, however, was that Kassander had asked the Desert Storm to be here, first, and the Drago had, for whatever reason, followed. What was so important? What was here in Luxerion that was so important that not one, but two vampire covens were here, protecting the Luxerion International grounds? Hasan didn't know. Admittedly, he didn't need to know, that perhaps wasn't for him to know and understand. Kassander said to do something, and Hasan really never questioned it, because he had no reason to question his husband. ... either of them. But he did really wonder. "I only know a little," he answered. "But perhaps it's enough. The Desert Storm are here, and so, technically, are the Drago, because there is something in Luxerion International Academy that the Daeva Host are a threat to. Now, I don't know what that is, and maybe it's best that I don't know, nor do I know why the Host is so interested in it, despite technically being part of the Host. Isn't that fun? Kassander hasn't seen fit to tell me. There's probably a reason. There always is." Yes, there always was.
  10. Then, it occurred to him, this may not be about the Drago at all. Naturally, and Hasan had accepted this so thoroughly, it hadn't ever come to mind to question it to any extent, but naturally, no matter how good the Host was, they'd never be Sati Lucain good. The Lucains, and by proxy the Desert Storm, were an insurmountable wall, and perhaps even Kassander could no longer truly threaten them, not with them together like this. That might well be the point. Perhaps the Drago were simply collateral damage. Necessary collateral damage, perhaps, but still merely collateral. Hmm. Because, of course, and the Host would've noticed this by now, were they paying the vampire race and the Desert Storm any mind at all, and Hasan had no reason to believe they weren't, the Storm would have no choice but to answer a distress call from the Drago. If nothing else, the Drago di Napoli were equally old, and many of its number were quite dangerous. If anything shook the Drago hard enough, the Storm would have to intervene, or most likely the Drago would eventually splinter into internal war, and that would, inevitably, cause quite the mess. But if the Storm answered, it'd be perhaps a handful of them. Enough to split their number. Enough to finally weaken them. No, either way, he needed to keep the Dragon standing. He had no doubt he could; Kassander had taught them better than to cow at the first sign of hardship, and he and the rest of the Essairs had hammered it in. If it was the Dragon they thought they'd take down, well, the Host had another thing coming, that was for damn sure. There wasn't much Hasan could do, right now, but he could do that much. "It would make more sense, were the Host not after the Drago specifically, but rather, the jackal behind us," Hasan explained, as they went. "Should the Drago fall, it is the Desert Storm that will intervene. The Host cannot take the Storm head-on, but breaking down the Drago di Napoli first would cause the Storm to split. The Drago's too old and too powerful, ultimately they'd need to intervene or I fear the kind of damage we could do left errant too long. And that, of course, would weaken the Storm, just enough the Host might well have an opening to take them down. Either way, the Dragon must not fall. But we've lost a large majority of our alphas, and Kassander's absence and inaction is not helping matters. Things are getting a bit rocky." Only a bit. As of now, the disquiet was primarily concern. Kassander was never absent this often, and the Drago knew it. But it could easily turn south, and Hasan knew that. Of course, it did occur to him... well, Hasan knew that anyone the Host rejected in this... quite bloody manner, was someone Kassander would trust perhaps inexplicably, but perhaps this one didn't know that. He spoke freely here, because Kassander had never disliked Daren, actually he'd seemed quite fond of him, and whomever Kassander trusted, so did Hasan. "You're probably wondering, now, most do, whether you're even a daeva at all. Of course you are. I can sense it. And if the Light did not approve of you, for some reason, you'd be a rock, about now." Alright, crystal stasis wasn't quite the same thing as being a rock; but it was close enough for Hasan's purposes. "It is much more spectacular and hard to miss, when the Light revokes daeva status. You wouldn't be questioning anything, then." Though, that other scent was-he should fix that, it wasn't as if he couldn't, and if he didn't, Kassander might. "Hold still," he said, shuffling around behind the other, glowing that soft gold healing magic often was. Their destination was just at the end of this hall, anyway. "Should've done this first, it slipped my mind. Unfortunately, I don't think he's strong enough, just now, to recreate your wings. Takes a bit more than just willpower, and all. ... you know, it's love that triggers your healing magic. It always has been." One more coin tossed into the bin of, if daevas were forbidden to love, why would love be the trigger for one of their most important abilities? Hasan didn't say that, of course, but the hint was there. "Unfortunately, when incarnated, the Light is typically still mortal. Mortals, eventually, die. Kassander has not been mortal for two thousand years. I suppose we got a bit lax, thinking nothing could kill him, and here we are. Of course, we thought the same of many of our number, and lost them all the same. It shouldn't be surprising, in the end." As it happened, though, it certainly didn't make it easier, by any means.
  11. Right. Of course he hadn't. That, naturally, would've been far too easy. Hasan tried not to look too disappointed, though, actually he probably looked annoyed, maybe a bit sad. He didn't know, of course, if having Sandalio around would help Kass, but certainly it'd free Hasan up to deal with these daeva problems more directly, and it'd make them both feel better to know he was home, and he was maybe not okay, but closer than he'd been before. "Of course not," he said, breathing out. "That'd be too easy." Fate was a very unkind thing, wasn't it. But he knew that, long before now. They'd find him, eventually. He just had to try and remember that, even though most of him wanted to forget it'd ever happened. He did have to wonder, why that one? Under most circumstances, Sandalio wasn't a threat to the Host. (Most circumstances, because if they threatened Kass or the Drago in some manner, all bets were off.) The only thing getting rid of Sandalio would do was knock out some of Kassander's defenses, but the Host had no reason to know that, nor any reason to want to. Of course, it could also merely be a matter of-and yet, even considering Sandalio one of the strongest vampires in Luxerion, there were many stronger ones among the Desert Storm, and the Storm was directly defending the Academy. The Drago should hardly be a blip on the Host's radar. "This... isn't adding up..." he murmured, more to himself. No, it really wasn't. The decisions they were making weren't aligning to their apparent goals, and Hasan wasn't sure if that was concerning, or-well, more concerning than anything, because now he had no idea what he was leaping into. This... mess could be more dangerous than he first thought, and knowing what he did about the daeva race, being as he was one, he'd better- "Apollo, raise the security level to nine," he said, in Middle Persian. The security system loosed a soft beep, clicked twice, and then whirred. Shimmers of gold energy shot across the walls, following energy channels, laying defensive barriers into the stone. "Apollo is the Drago's security system," he explained, nodding that the other should follow, and then leading the way to Kassander. "It only answers Middle Persian and Proto-Basque, but you might've heard the quiet beep when you got here. A beep is a good thing. It means Apollo hasn't decided you're a threat. A click, on the other hand, means that it has, and usually ends in the system shoving whomever it is right back out of the complex, by any means necessary. Apollo controls the windows and doors, generates varying defensive barriers, and I believe it also commands energy cannons. I've never had occasion to see those, so I'm not sure if Kass ever got them done." Knowing what he did about Kassander, though, it was more likely that he had. "I'm sure Ksenia will have something she could use your help with," he went on, heading up the stairs. "So I'll leave that to her. ... I will also tell you, because I think it'd be best if you knew. I don't know why, nothing should be able to-I don't know why. But the Light is dying, and... I can't stop it." Oh, he'd tried. Hasan and Delara, they were probably the two best healers in the Drago, and nothing either of them had done made a difference. Hasan was just hoping that, whenever they found him, and they would, he had to believe that, Sandalio could stop it. Because he wasn't sure he could stand a world Kassander wasn't in. He wasn't sure anyone could stand a world Kassander wasn't in, being realistic. The world was fucked up enough, as it was, and he feared to think, what it'd mean, if the Light's current incarnation passed when his daevas had never needed him more than they clearly did now.
  12. Well, this complicated things, a bit. Then again, maybe he shouldn't bother Kassander with this mess, just yet. No, a more prudent course of action would be gathering any information he could get about this Azrael person, and then going from there. What was the point, of course, of having Warlords if they never did anything without his input, anyway? That was what he thought. It wasn't as if Hasan couldn't guess what it was Kassander would want him to do. For a moment, he did ponder sending Caderyn topside-if any of Hasan's Generals had more than a dim shot at surviving it, it'd be that guy, but on the other hand, Kassander had also given him something important (Hasan did not know what, and really, it didn't terribly matter), and that was his necromancer. The Kinaan Islands could go get their own. No, perhaps a better course of action would be... having Cade stand-in for him, while he went topside. Sure, Hasan was far from bulletproof-there were still things that could down him, if they tried, but he was the oldest daeva, now, and his memory manipulation abilities had become precise enough, even if he got caught, he could fix it. No, it was better if he went. And preferably soon, because as much as he realized Daren likely wouldn't be the last one, he'd rather he were. But first... "Slight detour," Hasan said. "But I did have one more question for you." He may not have time to go poking at it while he was topside, but on the off-hand chance Daren had heard something about it while he was there... "You didn't happen to hear anything about a vampire and a nightmare cage, did you? Probably a very pissy one that was hard to get in the box." By this point, a nightmare cage was the only thing that could keep Sandalio away from them this long. Hasan was just assuming he was in one, somewhere, because Kassander's deterioration wasn't rapid enough for him to be gone-gone, never mind Kassander would know if he was, but gods if they knew where. The world was a very large, small place, as it turned out. It was worth asking. If he had any lead at all, it was worth asking and passing on to the Sandalio-retrieval team. "... I should also warn you, the Drago di Napoli is the protective cocoon the Light spun around himself. As of now, only myself, Ksenia, and Sepheres are keeping it standing, so it's entirely possible that you may end up roped into helping keep it standing, too. Try not to be too surprised if you're handed what seems like an impossible amount of responsibility seemingly immediately." Ksenia's mobility would eventually be hindered, too, though he thought better of dropping that one on him, just yet. That was, after all, still Ksenia's to tell. And in the interim, perhaps it'd do him some good, to actually meet the Light. Hasan wasn't worried. This one was a good one.
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  14. ... the command against-the hamadae-what rules?! Okay. At some point, amid Daren explaining, Hasan had come to a stop, and stared at him. After several seconds of staring, one eyebrow quirked upward, and then his brows furrowed. "I'm sorry, I'm confused. I... hang on, I'm not even sure where to start addressing that steaming pile of shit." What was more important? He supposed, that was a difficult thing to answer, as truthfully, he had no idea, there was just so much wrong with everything the other daeva had just said, he wasn't sure where to begin. Perhaps he should start at-but then who, exactly, was this Hamadaeva, because there had not been one, quite deliberately, mind you, since the end of the Daeva Wars. If the daevas topside, so to say, believed there was one, then someone had wrested control where control was not to be had. Kassander had not appointed another, for precisely this reason-if there was nothing standing between Kassander and his daevas, it was much easier for him to keep them in line, and limited the opportunities another would have to command all of a very innately dangerous race. No, that was most important. "There is no Hamadaeva," Hasan said. "The Light refused to appoint another at the end of the Daeva Wars. And there is no command against 'fraternizing' with your charge, actually it's almost encouraged. ... almost. ... I mean, if it's any indication, I married mine, and I know the Light's not upset about that because he's the one that asked." Yes, technically, Samael's focus was the Light. He tried not to ponder how that worked too long. It was, and was not, fortunate, as on the one hand, Hasan would never leave him, and he could sense it, when whatever it was he was doing pushed him too far. Yet, on the other hand, he could sense it, when whatever it was he was doing pushed him too far, and every time, he could sense him breaking a little more than the last time. It was difficult a burden to bear, but all the same, it was the one Kassi had given him, and he knew that Kassi would never give him something he couldn't handle, and Kassander didn't need him to. Most of the time, he tried not to dwell on it too long. Hasan needed to know what it was Kassander wanted him to do with this information. Thus far, he'd come to two conclusions: one, there was someone claiming to be the Hamadaeva that was not, and two, they were spreading dogmatic lies and drastically altering the tenants the daeva race ran on. Personally, he'd much rather remain here, and focus on taking care of Kass, but he also knew he was still a Warlord for a reason. Hasan had only very Kassander-related qualms about fixing it, but, he did have Generals, still, and if he could find ways of them doing what he needed them to do without putting them in too much danger, he'd happily delegate, instead. "So let's start with this," he said, finally having decided where to begin. "Who is this Hamadaeva?" Because whoever they were, Hasan needed to know what it'd take to take them out. And perhaps a bit of how they'd convinced the Kinaan Islands they were the Hamadaeva, that'd also be useful, that he could prevent it from happening again.
  15. There the mental processing went. Sooner or later, Daren was bound to figure out who Hasan actually was, as he used to be fairly recognizable among the daevas. It wasn't all that long ago, either, that Hasan spent a decent amount of time on the islands (perhaps a few hundred years counted as a while, though), before he'd given up on the islands outright. At the time, Kassander had more control over them, and given the current rumors and whispers, it seemed that'd finally changed. He still wondered how it was he remained a Warlord. He still thought Kassander had done it on purpose, because someone had to set them right, and Kassander, currently, could not. Being as he had no idea why not, aside from he seemed to be inexplicably dying and Hasan couldn't figure out why, he was, admittedly, rather loathe to give a damn. The daevas were a very dangerous race, and Hasan knew that quite well. The Daeva Wars had threatened to spill onto earth and destroy humanity, it wasn't too far-fetched to think the same may happen again, except this time, there were more supernaturals than before, and it may lead to a large war between one side and the other, and nobody would be able to fairly blame the mortals, either. They'd merely be defending themselves and their homes, their families, and that would be fair enough. But that wasn't how Maharaja would see it, and perhaps neither the other supernaturals. It was a mess they could not afford, now. Yet, neither could the daevas be ignored. They were already getting dangerous. A bit of a pickle, they were in one. "I don't make a habit of claiming it, anymore," Hasan answered. It stood to reason that most would not recognize him, not after this long, and Hasan was perfectly okay with that. He knew who he was. His Generals knew who he was, and so did the Light, and perhaps, the rest did not matter. Ah, well, very little could threaten Ksenia directly and remain standing. Hasan deigned not to point that out-fear was a very human thing, but also a very daeva thing, as well, and Kassander had never disapproved of their liaisons, otherwise Daren would not still be her daeva. It really was as simple as that. "I am curious, if I may," he started. "You're not the first, and not the last, I'm sure. So what exactly is with all the feather shredding suddenly?" It was very recently that it became even this common; before, it'd never happened, and Hasan was curious who was doing it, and why. Kassi worked pretty hard on getting those functional, it was kind of rude to just shred them, and maybe someone needed a lecture on manners.
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