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  1. Dorian couldn't make heads or tails of what the strange man was saying. He was dressed like an assassin, and even self admitted he had indeed been hired to kill Dorian, so what was with all this strange chatter. Dorian relished in a good bit of chatter himself, but there was definitely a time and a place. He didn't think this constituted as either. And still the strange man with the strange accent - Antivan? - continued to dither on about someone hired to kill him and that someone was he, blah blah blah. Dorian let out an exasperated sigh. "Are you here to kill me or not? You wouldn't be the first to try - and you won't be the last... His eyes darted to the dagger on his belt. One quick swipe and Dorian could have it in his hand and stuck deep in the stranger's gut. "If you are here to kill me, why should I not kill you first? Is this a game? Am I being pranked?" He tried to look around in the darkness. "Felix, this is the worst prank you've ever tried to pull, honestly. Have I taught you nothing?" @Kit
  2. Ahh i really want to play RDR 2! And yess, PC Fallout 76... my add is AlmightyZiggy93 I think @Kit we should tee up a time to play!
  3. R U L E S This world was created to allow users the creative freedom to explore a Dark Medieval Fantasy setting to whatever extent they please. For this reason, I will take OOC drama very seriously, should it occur. There is plenty of opportunity to let players here know your comfort levels, either through Discord or through private messaging. If you are having a problem, please either let the other player(s) know, or myself, but do not let it fester and spoil this world. That being said, please be considerate and aware of how your writing may affect others OOC. This is not meant to discourage you from exploring and investigating different experiences, but only to remind you that some experiences may be the experiences of others OOC, so please conduct yourself appropriately, especially in the Discord channel. Also please be aware that this is a world with IC consequences that partly shape the world you play in, so please keep that in mind. It may mean your character maybe receive a permanent injury, disease or may even die in this world (not on RP Architects as a whole). There is more to it than this, but from the get go, please be aware of what this world is about. If it's not for you, please do not join. Power playing, god modding and Meta playing of any form are strictly prohibited. Character Play-Bys must be people - no art permitted. I will post randomly from time to time as an NPC or Event to encourage plot movement, a new and interesting experience or at your request. There are three difficulty levels for these random encounters, and one posted that thread will either become Common, Key or Epic. Common threads may be trivial or minor. My posts will only serve to make a thread or RP richer with the addition of an NPC or random minor event. Key threads are for furthering plots involving the world as a whole, and as such will be a little more challenging. Your character will only be at risk of receiving injury, though never one that is permanent or life threatening. Epic threads are the most serious. I will only change a thread to Epic with permission from the players or at their request. These events will put your characters at possible risk of permanent, life-threatening injury or even death.
  4. Building a Medieval Fantasy world!

    1. Kit


      I love the look of the system you've built so far!

    2. Ziggy the Almighty

      Ziggy the Almighty

      It's a super huge WIP hahaha


  5. I MADE A WORLD Death Reaps at Dusk @Ziggy the Almighty on Discord
  6. Jokes? He was making jokes? Dorian would be impressed and rather amused himself if he wasn't at that moment the victim in this strange situation. The man grabbed his fists, his fingers wrapping tightly over his own, he could only suppose to stop the flow of magic. Both hands occupied, it meant he was free to speak again, something he was most good at. "Get off me, filthy whoreson!" He struggled against the man's weight on his chest, and continuously trying to pry his hands free so he could sizzle him like so much meat. The man would not budge, and now stared directly at him with such an imploring look that Dorian couldn't help but pause in his struggles. He begged for him to listen. Given the futility of trying to free himself for the moment, Dorian stared back, bewilderment, caution and a tiny bit of curiosity forming various lines about his face. The man had since released his hands and sat up to show his good faith, Dorian assumed. "Who are you? What do you want?" @Kit
  7. His journey had been so long, he couldn't even remember exactly when it had started. Could it even be called a journey? He had no destination, no goal. Only one driving force - to run. From his father, from his country, from himself. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he would find himself in Ferelden - the land of barbarians and where everything smelled like shit. Least of all did he think he would find himself avoiding the main roads of this wild country, eating food he had only foraged or killed himself and freezing in his small fur sleep sack by night. This was how he had been living for weeks now, maybe months. The days all melted together now, like so many distant hours. When he stumbled upon the small, unnamed Inn, unmarked on any map he had managed to squander, he simply could not resist. The call of a hot meal, and an actual bed were loud and strong, and rang through to his very sole. It was cheap, too. He didn't have time to gather supplies when he'd feld his father - he ran with all he had on him, and the handful of gold he carried was dwindling dangerously. He didn't imagine this inn saw many travelers - only those locals who knew it was here. Eyes followed him from the moment he entered, but he kept his hood low, and spoke from the shadows of it. He bought a room, simple, and ordered his food to be brought up to him. Business completed with minimal discussion, he departed swiftly to his room, and locked the door quickly behind him. He checked the windows, drew the linen curtains, and turned around to view what his precious gold had bought him. A straw bed with furs, a single candle, a small fireplace with a fire needing stoked, a small table with a jar of water, and a privy in the corner. His meal arrived quickly, and he devoured it like beast, which he thought was amusing, and fitting, given where he found himself. The comfort of the fire filling the room with warmth got the better of him, and with a secondary check of the door and the windows, he placed his staff by his bedside, and collapsed into bed. He was asleep instantly. Dorian awoke with a start to find someone bent low over the top of him, his hand over his mouth. Panic shot through him, adrenaline pumping fresh through his blood. The person spoke at him, but in the confusion Dorian didn't hear what was said - he only focused now on survival. He called the flame to his hand as he tried to reach for his staff. @Kit
  8. Hmmmm I usually like to binge watch movies or TV shows to get inspiration, especially if one of my characters has a play-by from a particular show or movie. It really helps me get back into the mindset of that character I suppose.
  9. G'day, I'm Ziggy! I'm Australian (if the greeting didn't give that away already) and I actually currently live in Japan! I fangirl many a fandom, and always always love to talk about them! I play many video games, watch many movies and TV shows! This is short and sweet, but hope to see you around! May the force be with you, Maker guide you, I'm going to jump on my pet kangaroo now and bounce outta here! <3
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