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Found 1 result

  1. Kit

    Creep City

    Under the majestic bronze statue of Queen Victoria, complete with crown, staff thing and prodigious bosom, was Jo. Jo sat at Queen Victoria's feet and her head was bent towards her shoulder bag. Dark and curly hair fell forward and hid her profile from view as she rifled through her bag. Tides of people flowed around the statue and thus around her. They too looked down, eyes downcast to peer at the pavement or their phones. The banners outside the Queen Victoria Building rippled in the breeze that didn't do much to alleviate the heavy warm air. "Finally," Jo muttered and pulled out the cute and tiny eevee toy she'd found. It was going to be a gift for Paige, just something cute to break through any oh-shit-I'm-meeting-someone-from-online awkwardness. Jo straightened up and crossed her legs, then set the eevee on her lap. Now she watched the crowds intently, trying to pick out Paige or at least a girl who looked like she was looking for someone of Jo's description. Pale blue three quarter jeans and a light charcoal Call of Duty Black Ops shirt. As Jo scanned the crowd, she noticed with wry amusement that so many people looked wrecked. Eyes ringed in shadows, cheeks pale and a certain fatigued wobble in their step. There must have been a huge party last night. She supposed. Or maybe the hot nights were affecting everyone. Speaking of, now she wanted a coffee. Jo patted the eevee's head absently and swung her feet back and forth. She wondered what the Queen would have thought of her casualness. Would she care what the descendants of convicts got up to? Jo looked up at the Queen's dress that spilled over the edges of the pedestal and frowned thoughtfully.
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