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  1. R U L E S This world was created to allow users the creative freedom to explore a Dark Medieval Fantasy setting to whatever extent they please. For this reason, I will take OOC drama very seriously, should it occur. There is plenty of opportunity to let players here know your comfort levels, either through Discord or through private messaging. If you are having a problem, please either let the other player(s) know, or myself, but do not let it fester and spoil this world. That being said, please be considerate and aware of how your writing may affect others OOC. This is not meant to discourage you from exploring and investigating different experiences, but only to remind you that some experiences may be the experiences of others OOC, so please conduct yourself appropriately, especially in the Discord channel. Also please be aware that this is a world with IC consequences that partly shape the world you play in, so please keep that in mind. It may mean your character maybe receive a permanent injury, disease or may even die in this world (not on RP Architects as a whole). There is more to it than this, but from the get go, please be aware of what this world is about. If it's not for you, please do not join. Power playing, god modding and Meta playing of any form are strictly prohibited. Character Play-Bys must be people - no art permitted. I will post randomly from time to time as an NPC or Event to encourage plot movement, a new and interesting experience or at your request. There are three difficulty levels for these random encounters, and one posted that thread will either become Common, Key or Epic. Common threads may be trivial or minor. My posts will only serve to make a thread or RP richer with the addition of an NPC or random minor event. Key threads are for furthering plots involving the world as a whole, and as such will be a little more challenging. Your character will only be at risk of receiving injury, though never one that is permanent or life threatening. Epic threads are the most serious. I will only change a thread to Epic with permission from the players or at their request. These events will put your characters at possible risk of permanent, life-threatening injury or even death.
  2. Phelan Derry Sories - Faol Samhraigh "Summer Wolf" - the main body of the Derry pack, made up of the active Alpha, Beta, and Gamma populations. Members of this group have voting rights, pack political influence, and are active members of the central community, living in the Derry itself. Gevies - Faol Geimhredh "Winter Wolf" - retired members of the pack who have chosen (or been forced into) a life of independence from the pack as a whole. Members of this group live outside the Derry, are devoid of political influence, voting rights, and have been sterilized, but are still considered part of the Derry pack for the purposes of fostering. Outsiders Player-created packs will be added to this list.
  3. Abilities & Transformation In human form, a mature wolf has a great number of natural benefits at their disposal, including accelerated healing, keener senses, and peak physical strength. In wolf form, these abilities are amplified and can be overwhelming to a young wolf, a turned wolf, or one that has simply not properly matured. Though they live in a village, most will feel claustrophobic if indoors for an extended amount of time, and it is not uncommon for individuals to disappear for a day or two into the wild. Transformations are difficult and painful in the early stages of maturation, and for a turned human can be unbearably agonizing. While a born wolf's body acclimates over time as the child ages into maturity, a bitten wolf can be suddenly and violently torn from one form to another. Generally speaking, a shift is triggered by an emotional change in the wolf, specific to the individual, which accelerates the heart rate and kicks the fight or flight response into high gear, resulting in a dramatic physical transformation from human to wolf. This can be the result of excitement, fear, happiness, arousal, or any similarly intense emotion. As a result, the ability to control the shift is tied closely to one's ability to control their emotions. A werewolf's appearance is generally that of any common wolf, though notably larger and proportionate to their human form. Markings, scars, and hair color are generally carried over from one form to the other, and eye color will remain the same in both forms. If a werewolf has gone feral, their eyes will turn yellow in wolf form. Born vs. Bitten All wolves in the Derry are born that way. Breeding amongst the pack is very highly regulated, and pack members are not allowed whatsoever to interbreed with humans, nor are they allowed to mix with members of outside packs without permission from the council or a pre-established arrangement. This does not mean, of course, that they cannot breed with humans, or that humans cannot be transformed into werewolves. Interbreeding - The purity of the bloodline is very important to the pack. As such, any children fathered by a wolf to a human mother will not be considered part of the community, and the mother and child will be socially shunned. Similarly, a child born to a wolf mother from a human father will be given to the Gevies or potentially sterilized after full maturation. Children resulting from interbreeding are not 'hybrids' as the werewolf state is carried among the population by a virus, and said virus is passed from mother to child in vitro. Chilren with human mothers will be human themselves, children with wolf mothers will also be wolves. Turning - Biting humans is entirely forbidden. Infecting a human not only introduces impure blood into the pack, but also carries the potential for dangerous attention from humans as a whole. A human, once bitten, only has a 10% chance of surviving the bite itself and the subsequent infection -- characterized by high fever, disorientation, vomiting, seizures, elevated heart rate, dehydration, and coma -- and of those survivors, only a handful will become carriers. If the individual survives, and the virus takes, the full change can occur over the course of a few months, during which time the person must be closely monitored for signs of their cycle. Since a bitten human will likely be an already mature adult, their first cycle is both more unpredictable than a born wolf, and more tumultuous. Of those few who are successfully turned, more than half will become feral during their first shift cycle. If a wolf becomes feral, it is the objective of the pack to hunt and kill it. A feral wolf has no control over their shift, their mating cycle, or their appetite, and the human mind will quickly descend into a rabid madness. Social Hierarchy Alpha - Male. Only a handful of individuals claim this title at any one time. These are the pack leaders, individuals who carry a high level of responsibility and have at heart the interests of the pack above any single individual. But like many positions of authority, they are not immune to corruption or political agendas and can buy their way into the council if they know the right palm to grease. This position can be inherited after the death of an Alpha, or a wolf of any other position may be promoted upon the nomination and vote of the existing council. At the very center of the council is the Head Alpha, a position held from election until death. The Head Alpha is generally, and affectionately, known as Grandda or Da, depending on 1. the age of the Alpha and 2. the age of the person addressing the Alpha. Currently, the Derry pack is without a Head Alpha, as this pack leader recently passed away, leaving the remaining Alphas (and even Betas) vying for the position in the resulting power vaccum. Beta - Male. Second in command, sometimes referred to by the title of 'lieutenant' or simply 'officer', each Alpha has as their disposal a number of Beta wolves for the purpose of keeping the peace and patrolling the borders. New Alphas are most commonly promoted from Beta positions, and Betas themselves are hand-picked by the Alpha they serve under. Gamma - Male and Female. Sometimes referred to collectively as "the Gammies", the Gamma population is the remainder of the wolf population, the commonfolk, if you will. All other wolves not in positions of authority carry the title of Gamma. Gender, Mating, and Families In the Derry population, females outnumber males 5 to 1. As a result, the pack has done away with the concept of marriage and mated pairs, and things like gender preferences and romantic attachment are generally disconnected from the act of procreation. Mature males live as bachelors, either alone or with one or two others, while females live in communal family households. Each household is comprised of 2-4 mothers, together with their immature offspring and any mature females who have yet to breed. Once bred, a female must either move into another small household which can accommodate her, or form a new household with another unbred young female. It is not recommended for any one female to have more (or less) than four children in her lifetime. Nor is it recommended for more than half of a household's mothers to be pregnant at the same time, for the sake of the mothers and the household as a whole. While males do visit and generate relationships with their children, if they wish to, the mothers of the household are the functional parental figures. Both males and females experience a monthly rut or heat cycle. In males, this is activated by pheromones released by ovulating females in heat, and lasts anywhere from two days to a week. While all males can tell when any given female is in heat or ovulating, not all females will activate a given male's rut cycle. Males respond most often to females they encounter on a regular basis - friends, coworkers, lovers, etc. - with whose scent they are already well acquainted. For adults, this is a distracting state to be in, akin to the sex drive of a hormonal human teenager, but is not entirely unmanageable. For maturing teens, however, it is dangerously unpredictable. Maturation & Fostering Physical maturation in werewolves occurs generally between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, but can be delayed as late as the early twenties in rare cases. These years are crucial in the development of a functional adult, and failure to appropriately manage a teen's maturation can result in a feral individual that will endanger the entire pack. Because of this, the Derry pack have developed a fostering system, wherein as a teen begins to come of age, the family, and the pack as a whole, will do everything in their power to prepare the teen for the difficult years to come. Part of this system includes choosing a foster from the group of older, independent wolves living outside the community. Fosters are members of the Gevies, or "winter wolves", a subdivision of the Derry pack made up of older individuals who are either past their breeding prime, or who have elected to remain in the Derry, but prefer to live independently. The Gevies live, for the most part, in single cottages scattered through the hills and forests surrounding the Derry itself, and are not considered active members of the pack, but rather retired from the pack. All Gevies have been surgically sterilized. When an individual approaches the age of fifteen, the mothers of their household will choose their foster and make a symbolic offering - either of food or other necessary goods that may be difficult for one living outside of the pack to obtain. The teen themselves will meet the potential foster and either accept or reject their mothers' choice, based on their own potential gender preferences, innate comfort with the foster, or a number of other factors. Once chosen, the teen will begin to visit the foster as frequently as the foster believes to be necessary in order to cultivate an appropriate maturation. Upon the teen's first shift cycle, they will remain with the foster full time until control over the wolf can be achieved. Fosters are the oldest, most well-controlled of all the werewolves in the pack, and it is their duty, above all else, to ensure the emergence of a controlled, mature adult into the pack population. As such, during the fostering process, they are responsible for maintaining the emotional, psychological, and physical well-being of their ward, and this includes things like teaching them to shift on command, hunting, fighting, and maintaining the explosive nature of the immature heat or rut cycle. As such, unlike with adult mating, the gender preference of the maturing wolf is an important factor of choosing an appropriate foster. Since breeding is disallowed until the age of nineteen, most teens will continue to visit their foster even after they have left their official care. Attuning To be attuned is to have a very special, instinctive kind of bond with another wolf. It can happen at any time, for any number of reasons, and each pair of attuned individuals has a unique relationship cultivated between them. While some relationships are romantic, many also form very deep friendships or lifelong platonic companionships, and all are beyond the realm of explanation. Some become attuned over time, while for others it is sudden and inexplicable, and can happen at any time after the maturation cycle, at any place, and with anyone, though it does not affect the personality or desires of either wolf in question (i.e. you're not gonna change your sexual preferences just because you became attuned with someone of a certain gender). Most describe it as an itch, an inexplicable need to remain close to someone, to know them, and to be important to them in some social fashion. Those who become attuned develop something of a sixth sense for that person's emotions, a strong empathy that is not affected by distance or time spent apart. The death of one attuned individual is often devastating and can be felt completely by their companion until the end. It is not uncommon for companions to pass within a few years of each other. Once attuned to one person, you cannot become attuned to another, even after death. Attuning is also a mutual state, between two mature wolves, and as such one cannot become attuned to a human. Hounds While most animals will steer clear of werewolves in general, those of Phelan Derry have cultivated a very special kinship with the wolfhound. Most family households will have at least one of these enormous, shaggy dogs, and they make excellent protectors for immature children as well as close companions for bachelor males. They can be spotted walking clusters of children to school, standing guard outside cottages, or trotting along unleashed at the heels of their masters.
  4. I. Be on your best behavior OOC. This means no bullying or bad-natured pestering, just general golden rule and everyone will be a-ok. In this same vein, please do not take things done IC by characters personally, unless you have some reason to think the player themselves are using their characters as a medium for ill-treatment of others. If you have a problem in Aduantas, please talk to Niki or Gin. II. There are no word count requirements. Long posts are fine. Short posts are fine. One-word posts are fine. We are not here to micromanage your roleplay. However, please be on the same page as whoever you're writing with, so there are no hurt feelings or failed expectations. III. Tag your threads. We have tags. Tags are awesome. When posting IC in Aduantas, you MUST tag your thread with the names of all PCs (full name, as separate tags) and any content warnings (mature content, violence, etc.) you deem necessary. Use your best judgment. IV. You must post an application/plot page in order to play. See here .
  5. Wolf Land Once, they covered the Emerald Isle. Once, they protected the lost, the weak, and the young. Once, they led men into battle and feasted on the enemy. Once, they were many. Once. Now, they cluster with the last of their kind who have not scattered to the wind across land and sea, clinging to the old ways like a dying glimmer of hope long since lost. The largest single pack of werewolves left in Ireland now make up more than half the population of the small village of Phelan Derry, and though they live amongst the humans they once protected, they no longer accept them as they once did. Now they are the bane of their species, the hunters of their dead, and even though a peace has settled on these streets, those who grew up in the Derry know better than to leave their homes after nightfall. Even the garda steer clear of pack matters. But all that is about to change. With the death of their head Alpha, the pack has begun to descend into political turmoil and the remaining Alpha leaders are now vying for the spot at the top, while below there lies a quiet stirring in the shadows. Phelan Derry County Leitrim, Connacht Province, Republic of Ireland Also known as Faoladh Doire ("Werewolf Grove") to the locals, Phelan Derry is a remote, rural village located amongst the hills and forests of County Leitrim, accessible only by a single road in and out of the town. Though it falls under the jurisdiction of the county council, this small population (just under 500 individuals) is, for the most part, entirely self-sustained.
  6. You do not need to wait for a character to be accepted in order to start playing. However, you cannot play in-character without first filling out and posting the following template as a new thread in this forum under the title of your character's name, last name first (i.e. Smith, John). If you are unsure how to fill this out, you're welcome to check out other applications or ask a mod for help. This will also function as your plot page. To copy the form, simply copy/paste the post below:
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