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  • This world was created to allow users the creative freedom to explore a Dark Medieval Fantasy setting to whatever extent they please. For this reason, I will take OOC drama very seriously, should it occur. There is plenty of opportunity to let players here know your comfort levels,  either through Discord or through private messaging. If you are having a problem, please either let the other player(s) know, or myself, but do not let it fester and spoil this world.
  • That being said, please be considerate and aware of how your writing may affect others OOC. This is not meant to discourage you from exploring and investigating different experiences, but only to remind you that some experiences may be the experiences of others OOC, so please conduct yourself appropriately, especially in the Discord channel.
  • Also please be aware that this is a world with IC consequences that partly shape the world you play in, so please keep that in mind. It may mean your character maybe receive a permanent injury, disease or may even die in this world (not on RP Architects as a whole). There is more to it than this, but from the get go, please be aware of what this world is about. If it's not for you, please do not join.
  • Power playing, god modding and Meta playing of any form are strictly prohibited. 
  • Character Play-Bys must be people - no art permitted.
  • I will post randomly from time to time as an NPC or Event to encourage plot movement, a new and interesting experience or at your request. There are three difficulty levels for these random encounters, and one posted that thread will either become Common, Key or Epic.
  1. Common threads may be trivial or minor. My posts will only serve to make a thread or RP richer with the addition of an NPC or random minor event.
  2. Key threads are for furthering plots involving the world as a whole, and as such will be a little more challenging. Your character will only be at risk of receiving injury, though never one that is permanent or life threatening.
  3. Epic threads are the most serious. I will only change a thread to Epic with permission from the players or at their request. These events will put your characters at possible risk of permanent, life-threatening injury or even death.


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