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    About RP Architects


    Welcome to RP Architects!

    Here at RP Architects we value the fun that RP friends have together, with no judgment passed when you inevitably simply enjoy the stories you can create with them! But! We also believe that many of us crave even more RP buddies. Here is the place to enjoy the ones you have and find new ones!

    In addition, we feel that there is unwarranted judgment cast upon RPers with a variety of interests and may wish to develop worlds, plots and characters without the pressure of maintaining that interest for years. You're welcome to try things out and drop them. You're also welcome to exert the kind of love and focus that typical non-multigenre forums enjoy.

    So how does it all work?

    We have two ways to RP:

    Forums are for roleplays that can be considered non-persistent. You might have a plot and it takes place over one thread, this thread can be hundreds of pages long! It's a great way to get to know people you're not familiar with or to play with an idea.

    But say you want to create a more persistent world where it carries over more than one thread. This is what the worlds are for! Worlds can be created by any member. They can be open (anyone can join) or invite only (you need to invite people.)

    Creating a world gives you a few benefits. These are explained in this guide.

    So if you're looking for a chill out place to follow your interests and be a little bit self-indulgent, consider joining RP Architects!

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