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    Beginner's Guide


    Welcome to RP-Architects! I'm so happy that you're interested in joining.

    This guide is intended to help you orientate yourself with not only RP-A, but the forum software we use - it's a bit different from mybb and jcink!

    First Steps

    • Check out the welcome page! This page covers how we work and what kind of community we are hoping to build.
    • Read the roleplay philosophy. This page was written to set the tone for roleplays.
    • Our guidelines! This covers things like our standards for this community, advertising rules, image use and roleplay standards.  You'll notice the absence of rules like word count and activity levels. There are no activity checks on RP-A and no universal word count. Individual worlds may have different expectations. Players may also have different expectations, be sure to check!
    • Ready to jump in? Check out how to join.

    How do I do the thing?


    • Image tags aren't working. How do I post an image?
      If the image is a link, just paste the link into the text area. The forum will do the rest for you! Otherwise, you can upload the image to the forum by clicking on choose files and then clicking on the plus button to add it into your post.
    • How do I post a video?
      Like with the image, just paste the URL into the text area! The forum will do the rest.

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