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    Roleplay Philosophy


    We at RP-A believe that everyone's philosophy in roleplay varies and this impacts on what we look for in roleplay and the kind of things we are willing to put up with. Or not. This article is intended to set the tone for roleplay here. It is also an invitation to you to consider what your's might be and what that means in terms of what you look for and what you avoid.

    • Roleplay is a hobby, first and foremost, but it involves other people. What does this mean in actuality? It means that people shouldn't feel ashamed to focus on threads, characters or genres that they're particularly keen on in that moment in time. Nor should they be pressured to continue with something that they are not enjoying. On the other hand however, it is expected that you will be honest and open with your roleplay partners.
    • Roleplay is a chillout zone. This means that it is drama free, politics free and is not treated like an emotional crutch. Your fellow roleplayers are nice people and want the best for you and for you to be happy, but they are not psychologists or social workers. They are limited in the kind of emotional support they can offer. So in short, this is your escape.
    • People roleplay for different reasons. Some people roleplay as a wish fulfilment. Other people roleplay to craft (what they find) compelling stories. Still others roleplay as a way to feel connected to a community. These reasons can be very disparate in execution, and they may mean that you're simply incompatible with some roleplayers. That's ok. Be honest with yourself and be clear about what it is you're looking for. The prime reason, the guts, the driving force to the characters, situations and plots you write.

    You can boil this down to the following:

    • Have Fun
    • Chill Out

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